My Personal “Issues” With Blogging/Bloggers

I am a baby blogger, my blog is less than a year old, and I’m still learning the ends and outs of what it means to be a blogger. At times blogging is very edifying, even therapeutic, at others I debate inwardly if it’s even right to blog at all. I am a writer by nature, God gifted me with an ability to paint with words just as He did with the oils. So naturally I felt that writing about God would be the kosher thing to do…right?

Anymore I don’t know. I will go on my reader and read blog posts written by others and I find them narcissistic and contrite. Many are condescending and “me oriented” and biblically they are so far off course it concerns me. There is a HUGE amount of false doctrine on WordPress…sometimes I comment and sometimes I just move along knowing my comment will do nothing other than start a comment war and no ones minds will be changed.

I see people who write only to drive up their stats, not to glorify God as their blog states, but to revel in validation from statistics given out coldly by a computer program. Pumping out 5-10 posts a day that have absolutely no content that is useable, relevant or even interesting. It’s just traffic fluff. But hey that’s what all the blogging articles say to do.

The next fakery that really just leads me to believe much of Christian blogging is little more than building a platform to sell your upcoming book, get financial support on patreon or fill a personality disorders void is the fake, canned reply to comments given on others posts. If I comment I would rather you not even reply to me if that reply is going to be something like this “wow great comment love light and hugs” or “awwweee thanks sweety I will think about that ❤️ love, hugs, kisses”. It is so clear this person DOES NOT care they only bother to respond to inflate the comments number and again all the “How To Successfully Blog” articles say to do it this way.

It’s extremely inauthentic and in a Christian community (even though ours is virtual) shouldn’t it remain authentic, truthful, inspired. It should not be a platform to be used to glorify ourselves or point to ourselves. 

I am also tired of those that contact me in order to teach me things they feel that the Holy Spirit has just revealed to them…and only them…because they are that special. First off, in school, we learned that if you have a revelation to scripture or a certain interpretation the first thing you do is search it out to see that others have had the same revelation or interpretation in the past 2000 years. Because if not, chances are your revelation or interpretation is FALSE. 

If you are in Ministry of any sorts, where you actually have a following of people looking to you for teaching or biblical guidance…YOU NEED TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE. If you are married, don’t use Jesus to pick up chics or have inappropriate relationships in the name of Christ. God knows what goes on in every corner of the world and that includes your heart and your DMS on Twitter. My personal opinion on the matter is that if you are in Ministry you need to be accountable to someone…a Pastor, a Board Of Directors, some higher earthly power that mentors and spiritually protects you. 

Spiritual counsel is FUNDAMENTAL AND IMPERATIVE. The Bible says so. In this day and age there is a lie of the devil going around that states church is not important. Did Jesus, Son of God, attend “church”? Did he spend his youth going to Passover Feasts and learning in the synagogue? Did he teach in the synagogues? Jewish children were brought up memorizing the Old Testament Scriptures and that included Jesus. Do you think he ever heard or encountered things in that setting he didn’t like? Like certain teachers or religious attitudes ? Oh I am positive of it, yet unlike most people who gave up on church, he continued to go because he knew his Fathers will on the matter. But now we have so many who know better than Jesus…who feel they have a more valid reason or some new found revelation that it’s ok to just forsake the gathering. 

I don’t know, I just see so many things on here I dislike, praying very hard about if this is where I belong or if the Lord wants me to continue in this endeavor.

45 thoughts on “My Personal “Issues” With Blogging/Bloggers

  1. G’day, keep on keeping on, and if along the way you feel God wanting to use you to call out and be a bit of a Watchman on the wall then do it.

    Unfortunately we cannot escape seeing and hearing things that we dislike, the awesome thing is we can continue to be light and salt and make good choices even when others are not.

    Do everything in the realm of your control to be Christ’s representative and let God do the rest.

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  2. My friend, I had to think about this over night prior to responding. Whereas you made many valid points about the motivations of other bloggers, I’d like to encourage you to hang on.
    The true motivations of any Christian is hard to determine, but often probably really not even any of our business as Jesus is Lord of His Kingdom.
    In my blog, which has very few numbers, I realize that my blog gets noticed over about 10 different countries. To that effect, it is ‘making a difference’.
    I realize that you are the same as me: You are attempting to preach the gospel and to spread His Word to anyone all over the world. You are going to reach some and to some, you won’t.
    The main idea here is that you are attempting to spread the Good News of our Lord, Jesus the Christ.
    In many ways our blogs are somewhat pretentious insomuch that we are only virtually present to people and not for real. However, I could also make the same argument out of say: the epistles of Paul, for no, he is not here either.
    And even though I will never ever even meet you, I consider you a friend. The main reason I see you as a friend is because once again you are freely sharing our primary friend and that is Jesus.
    Consequently, I’m asking for you to hang in there and continue onward with the Lord’s work. I am easy to find on Facebook and will also continue to blog here with wordpress for as long as I can come up with something to say.
    In reference to you: If you will also continue to write, I’ll continue to read and reflect based on what you’ve said. Thank you. Tom

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    1. Do you ever feel your time blogging could be better spent? This one convicts me a lot. I have wondered if maybe volunteering a day or two a week at a soup kitchen or going out with a local church group to witness to the homeless would be more productive for God. There is also a prison here that perhaps I could help the current Chaplain in his efforts. Sometimes I feel like blogging is my scapegoat to actually being active in Ministry.

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      1. I see where you are coming from and agree up to a bit. I’ve done all of that. We can look to Jesus: He did all of that and ALSO preached. That was the blog of the day. Our most powerful blog though is when we perform the Word in action. Yet, whereas your actions will eventually be forgotten, your words may help those generations from now. So then, we place our attention to the flock and not what we want. I don’t want to do the blog either for perhaps as low as only say 10 views a day by people who are already believers. However, we are told to preach the gospel. This is the best way I know how. Last, you had a profound effect on me about intercessor prayer so then I can say you are effective at least to me. I am sure you are also with others. In Christ, tom

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      2. Thank you Tom, maybe what I need to do is lay it out on paper and ask myself some questions concerning MY REASONS for blogging and learn to cut the ties I feel that bind me up in what other people are doing. Thank you for your kind words, they are truly appreciated!

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  3. I am going to put my thoughts here and I really, really do hope you percieve this as nothing but a desire to place an altered viewpoint in your heart.

    I am a follower of Christ, and I write about the lessons I learn in life and, in turn, hope someone is helped by the words God has placed in my heart. I agree that there is a fault within everyone’s personal life but, if they are using their talent to honor God, I respect that. I enjoy being involved in other people’s thoughts as there have been many times where I have been profoundly moved by the words of these people. After all, isn’t the purpose of engaging in a blog to grow and expand our minds and hope that others who read our thoughts are able to do the same?

    I also respond with “Blessings XOXO” on a lot of my responses, and it is because I am thankful that they have chosen to converse with me on a deeper level not because I am following any guidelines other than the concept of spreading love and kindness which I think this world so desperately needs.

    I could go on for days as this post brought a lot of thoughts and inspiration to my mind. I genuinely​ hope you do not take offense to my response. I think you should stay but prayer should determine your final decision; I am moved by your words and you have challenged me to think on a deeper level. Blessings…and I really do mean it 🙂

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    1. I am in no way offended! THIS IS WHAT I LOVE! Genuineness, authentic thought, that encourages one to embrace another human beings thoughts…that is why I like blogging too! Maybe I’ve let the enemy invade my brain and make me only aware of the faults of blogging, perhaps clean off my glasses, and take a clearer look. Thanks for your AUTHENTIC response 🙏🏻 it gave me some things to think about as well.

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  4. I like this post, Tamara. I like when you said, “…in a Christian community (even though ours is virtual) shouldn’t it remain authentic, truthful, inspired. It should not be a platform to be used to glorify ourselves or point to ourselves. ” because even though; we may preach one thing we are actually being hypocrites and becoming like our father the Devil.

    I like this post because it focuses not on the person but on some Christian bloggers who have a different “earthly, worldly” perspective on the Bible when they should be looking towards God’s Word. I have seen blogs that speak on the Bible, but have more worldly aspects in the posts.

    We have to test the spirit whether it’s from God or from Satan because Satan will even use “earthly” Christians to make other Christian think a different way and that shouldn’t happen. As you said in your post, “… the first thing you do is search it out to see that others have had the same revelation or interpretation in the past 2000 years. Because if not, chances are your revelation or interpretation is FALSE. ”

    I really liked your quote saying, “If you are in Ministry of any sorts, where you actually have a following of people looking to you for teaching or biblical guidance…YOU NEED TO LEAD BY EXAMPLE.”

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  5. I talked about this in my contact you (so you should be getting an email 🙂 ) but I really liked this post, and it spoke to me on a lot of levels. If you ever feel like I’m not being authentic please let me know. ❤

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    1. I think you are very authentic, and I love what you write. It’s just things that stick in my side lately….nothing in particular or anyone in particular…just a randomized summary of my overall WordPress experience.

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      1. It’s so sad that this has been your experience. Maybe, you’re doing more good here than you think and evil doesn’t want you here for that reason. Those who shine the brightest are easily one of the first ones darkness seeks out. I think there’s definitely more to it than what the surface is showing for sure, and again, I’m going to ask God for Him to help your direction, wherever it may be ❤

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      2. I hope two replies is okay. Tamara, I was just reading a post, and this sentence immediately caught my eye, I wanted to share it with you.
        “When you’re passionately living for God, the devil doesn’t like that, so he attacks you more and you feel it. Sometimes when I’m comfortable and I’m not doing what God wants me to do, the devil is happy and leaves me alone. But God doesn’t want that.”

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      3. The next quote following the advice the girl was giving is this,“Yeah. When Paul was doing all these amazing things for God, he would always have this thorn at his side. He would pray for God to take it away, but God replied saying that he put that thorn in his side to keep him humble.”

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      4. I appreciate your encouraging words…I continue to pray about it and ask God about some specific concerns that I have. I want God’s Will, and I have learned God’s will never takes you where God’s grace can not keep you. 😁

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  6. I hope you stay on, personally. Even reading your writing over the last couple of months, your approach and writing has developed into a groove that is what I assume is your where your heart feels comfortable and led. I have enjoyed your posts and hope to read many more. Yet, my cyber friend and sister in Christ, you need to do what the Lord is leading you to do. Peace to you in whatever you decide. I hope, however, to read much more of your writing!

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    1. Well thank you and thank you. At first I tried to write something everyday, and that started to feel like forced writing to me. I wasn’t writing for any other reason than I felt like I had to or I wasn’t successfully blogging. That’s too much in my opinion. In fact I felt convicted because if people were taking the time to invest in reading what equaled a couple chapters of the Bible on my blog…yet didn’t have time to read their bibles…I was a part of the problem.

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      1. Stopping back by to encourage you again that you write really well and have some insightful, challenging and deep posts. Still hoping you write, if that is what is supposed to be!!

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  7. I’d offer something, but I figured out too long ago that I don’t actually know as much as I think I do. What I do know, however, is that everyone blogs for some reason – as long as you’re doing right by your reason, then what you offer is important.

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  8. I wouldn’t really know about the “false doctrines” in the blogging because I wouldn’t really say I know so much about the scripture (I am still learning) In my blog I write with aim to inspire, be therapeutic to myself and also my readers too. I don’t really know what I am doing and I don’t claim to have the answers but I pray to God everyday that His will prevails in my blog. Now that You mention this I will be more careful with the blogs I read.

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    1. The Lord has really been working on me lately. I’ve been in overdrive and I finally feel peace about why and how and where I fit into the puzzle. It’s been a time of deep introspection 🙏🏻 I will be here, speaking out for those that are voiceless.

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  9. ( Isaiah 41:10 KJV ) “Fear thou not; for I AM with thee: be not dismayed; for I AM thy GOD: I Will Strengthen thee; yea, I Will Help thee; yea, I Will Uphold thee with the Right Hand of My Righteousness. ”!!

    Amen-Amein Sister in Christ Jesus-Yeshua!! God Bless you Sister in Christ Jesus-Yeshua and Your Family members and Friends!!

    May our ONE TRUE GOD THE FATHER who art in Heaven Above Bless all my Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus-Yeshua and my Messianic Jewish Sisters and Brothers in Christ Jesus-Yeshua and Your Families and Friends!!

    I Love you all Everyone through Jesus-Yeshua Christ, because HE LOVED 💜💕 EVERYONE FIRST!!

    Love 💕 Always and Shalom ( Peace ), YSIC \o/

    Kristi Ann

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