You Are A Gift – To Be Given Of Freely

As the Holidays approach much of our life becomes consumed with gift giving. The television runs ad after ad about the local steals and deals you can get at every department store and mall within 100 miles of your home. Every time you get on your laptop you are bombarded by holiday exclusives in your inbox or in your newsfeed. As you scroll through Facebook on your phone you get ad after ad after ad meticulously designed to prompt you to buy, buy, buy.

I am going to challenge you that for this Christmas you take the road less traveled and you give a much more precious gift – the gift of yourself. I am not saying give up all tangible gift exchanges, just perhaps suggesting, you give a little less of the stuff you can touch and more of the stuff you can feel.

The world needs more love and you are a love factory my friend.

Your children don’t need the latest technology, they need your genuine affection. They need your undivided attention more than they need the latest phone or video game. They need to be held, and to be read to and at times for you to just sit and listen to them. They need you to invest in them your time and to them, this equates to your love.

Your neighbor does not need another summer sausage platter and a quick Happy Holidays as you rush in your front door before they can say thank you. Maybe they need a hot cup of coffee and a listening ear. Perhaps they are elderly and need you to make a commitment to shovel their driveway every time it snows. Give your neighbor the gift of being there and available to help them whenever they need help. People have forgotten, we need other people. Just being able to count on you to be available can mean so much to someone. The understanding that you truly care for them, is priceless.

Find a community cause you can invest your time and talents into. There are so many little community projects out there that are understaffed and overtaxed by the needs of a hurting society. Maybe you can find a clothes ministry, a soup kitchen, an abused women’s shelter or a mentorship program to help endangered youth. Giving back to your community is a way to share the love of Christ with strangers that will almost always become friends.

Giving back to the world the truly precious gifts that God has given you is a way of serving God on a very deep level. Your gifts were given to you to be given to others. I am in no way saying that traditional gift giving is wrong, not at all, it is a big part of the Christmas season. I am saying that this year make a special commitment to making this upcoming year a year of giving. Imagine what a difference this type of giving will make to your family, neighbors, and community. Now imagine if everyone took on this challenge and gave the gift of themselves.

You are a gift, that God created, to bless His world.

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