Women In Ministry

1 Timothy 2:1 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man but to be in silence.

That scripture ruffles some feathers doesn't it? I own and work a 40 acre farm, I have to train horses, castrate pigs and build lots of fence…by myself. When my jeep breaks down I fix it…I've replaced starters, thermostats, water pumps, and I also do all my own routine maintenance including changing my own oil and brake pads. When the shallow well pump for the house went out I replaced my old waterline, put on a new foot valve and plumbed in a new shallow well pump. I've learned how to replace light fixtures and do minor electrical work…I am a woman who does it all. Anything a man does I can do…right? Except for pastoring, and I am perfectly ok with that because I trust God to know what's best for me.

In my own experience reaching out to the lost – the unsaved – more precisely men who are not under the authority or guidance of God in their natural heart misconstrue and pervert your compassion and caring and you can become a stumbling block if you aren't careful. I have a dear friend who is suffering from alcoholism and he will call me for prayer often, yet he always tries to misconstrue my kindness and use my compassion in a perverse way. Natural man without Christ is the most dangerous being on earth. As Billy Graham once said it's not the atomic bombs that are dangerous on earth it's the men's hearts that control them that is the problem. The greedy, lust filled, unbridled, unchecked, sinful heart of unsaved man. Some will say well God can protect me no matter what so I shouldn't worry about natural man…God starts all of his protection with telling us in his Word what is in our best interest…and in this case…it is telling us that we should not teach or usurp authority. He said it for a reason – not to punish women – BUT TO PROTECT US!

God KNOWS what goes on in mans hearts. This isn't a case for saying that women aren't capable of being good pastors, it's more a case of men not being able to control their sinful nature. It's not an insult to women, it's simply as is all the Word – truth. As a women who wants to share the Gospel to all the world I feel the struggle myself. I want to reach the lost, I don't want anyone to go to hell. I believe that Jesus Christ is the answer to every problem human beings face on earth and I mentally shout – send me Lord. I pray so much about this aspect of my life, seeking where God wants me to be and what he wants me to do. I just can't come to peace with him ever telling me to do something that is contrary to scripture. I can't come to peace with this.

I do have peace however with sharing the love of Christ with the women I see struggling. There are so many women's issues going on in this world right now that ripple out through all society. I feel like the Lord showed me that If you want to reach sinful man tomorrow, reach that man's mother today.

I don't want to upset anyone or start arguments I just wanted to share my view of this subject. It truly is something as a woman I pray about earnestly- I always want to be in Gods will.

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