Soup Beans & Sunshine

I have been extra busy doing the whole fall gardening chores. Lots and lots of tomatoes still coming in and I have been literally giving away basketfuls. The prolific squash season is still producing and that too has been over abundant and a blessing to a few different families. Crookneck, summer, butternut, acorn, spaghetti, zucchini, … Continue reading Soup Beans & Sunshine

Psalm 51 & 32 The Original Sinners Prayers?

David cries out for forgiveness from a repentant heart to a God he so desperately longs to be reconciled too. He knows his sin separates him and he pens two of the most beautiful prayers of repentance (sinners prayers) known to mankind. The Sinners Prayer of today is based upon the prayers of David. It … Continue reading Psalm 51 & 32 The Original Sinners Prayers?

…And The Word Was God

Why The Bible Is Unlike Any Other Book Ever WrittenThe Word of God is invaluable. It is our Lord and Savior in our hands speaking to our heart, bringing comfort to our mind, and refreshment to our soul. Spending time in the Word is the most important activity of your day. You are literally plugging … Continue reading …And The Word Was God

Be A Mordecai Ham : Everyday Ministry Matters

You may never have heard of Mordecai Ham but without him you would have never heard of Billy Graham. Billy Graham has preached the gospel to some 2+ billion people in his lifetime, but it never would have happened had not Mordecai Ham lead him to the Lord one night in a revival in Charlotte, … Continue reading Be A Mordecai Ham : Everyday Ministry Matters

The Root & The Fruit

The world tries to recreate the fruit of the Spirit without having the Spirit, which is impossible. They have managed to create a hybrid that resembles our genuine fruits but lacks their inner authenticity. The worlds fruits give the outward appearance of the Spirits fruits, but lack the inner qualities that produce genuine eternal blessings … Continue reading The Root & The Fruit

How To Remain Sane In An Insane World

It is extremely easy in the political, social, and societal climates we now live in to feel hopeless and lost. Please remember that God is Sovereign, in his loving kindness he gave us his Word to be our compass, and when we feel lost it will always point us towards him and get us back … Continue reading How To Remain Sane In An Insane World

Be Radically Abnormal

Legalism and greasy grace are both unbiblical false doctrines. As Christians we should follow the Lord with a willing heart that is repentant when we sin. We should not take Gods Holy Grace for a license to sin nor pick up the yoke of the law of self righteousness and self justification. Both are biblically admonished. We must live as true followers of Christ, with one goal, to be more Christ like in all ways. Each day allowing the Holy Spirit to guide, convict, and edify us.

Techno-Idolatry : Bending the Knee to Technology

It doesn't really matter what time you stop by my house, I've always got coffee on, and I'm always up for a good conversation. I miss the time before smartphones, when people actually "went visiting". When I was little you knew where to find your friends, not from Facebook, but finding the front lawn with … Continue reading Techno-Idolatry : Bending the Knee to Technology