Who is Prohibited to Make or Use the Holy Anointing Oil?

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Anointing oil is one the few tangible elements used in the Old Testament which was carried over for use into the New Testament  (James 5:14,  Mark 16:13).  A very descriptive recipe of how to make the Holy Anointing Oil can be found in the 30th chapter of Exodus.

However much ignorance and fear of the prohibition in this chapter have prevented many capable believers from using it.

Is it indeed prohibited for believers to make and/or to use?   Who has the right to use this sacred substance?

It was forbidden to be used on an “outsider” or to be used as an emollient on the body of any common persons and the children of Israel were forbidden to duplicate any like it for themselves. 

In this article we will attempt to discover who, in this modern age, is permitted to be anointed with this most precious oil.


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