Who is Prohibited to Make or Use the Holy Anointing Oil?

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Anointing oil is one the few tangible elements used in the Old Testament which was carried over for use into the New Testament  (James 5:14,  Mark 16:13).  A very descriptive recipe of how to make the Holy Anointing Oil can be found in the 30th chapter of Exodus.

However much ignorance and fear of the prohibition in this chapter have prevented many capable believers from using it.

Is it indeed prohibited for believers to make and/or to use?   Who has the right to use this sacred substance?

It was forbidden to be used on an “outsider” or to be used as an emollient on the body of any common persons and the children of Israel were forbidden to duplicate any like it for themselves. 

In this article we will attempt to discover who, in this modern age, is permitted to be anointed with this most precious oil.


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11 thoughts on “Who is Prohibited to Make or Use the Holy Anointing Oil?

    1. I came across this article this morning and was happy it had a reboot button because I really enjoyed it too 😁

      1. My pastor uses olive oil, he preaches it isn’t the oil itself but the Holy Spirit who works, which I personally believe. However, knowing olive oil is open for anyone to be anointed with makes sense it would be used in a church setting, as you don’t always know the heart of the one being anointed. When I was child (8), I had bad eczema on my feet, hard to walk, they would crack and bleed, very painful. Pastor Joe was our pastor at the time, and my parents had me anointed by him. Our church has everyone go up and place hands on the person being anointed, or if you can’t touch that person, you place your hand on the one near you, and pray. I think I was the last one who was anointed by Pastor Joe before he died, he passed away in a motorcyle accident. Around the time of his death, the eczema on my feet started getting better. It has never gotten as bad as it once did when I was younger since.

      2. I use olive oil too. I do believe the OT oil was used symbolical to be for the priests and temple…now I believe olive oil is sufficient, sanctified to God and blessed with ones faith – God still moves in just good old plain olive oil.

  1. Thank you for sharing this post! Very biblically solid! When I was a denominational pastor, many within the denomination tried to explain it away. I still mention this and get strange looks. We are so afraid of the biblically unfamiliar, but our fear does not make it wrong.

    1. I anoint my house, my kids wake up with oil on their heads, I anoint anything I am praying over…blessed olive oil + my faith + Gods faithfulness = allllll gooooodnesssss poured out on earth as it is in heaven ❤️

  2. It’s always encouraging to see more people reminded those in the pews that they are the priesthood of Believers, and as such Christ has enabled them to serve in personal ministries – even with anointing oils!

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