Introducing Gratitude and Grace…

I have been very open about the personal tragedy that has unfolded for our family and in particularly my son Elliott, who has spent the last four years incarcerated for an unfortunate event that happened during his first psychotic break with Schizophrenia. Over the past 4 years we have been up and down the mountains … Continue reading Introducing Gratitude and Grace…

Forget About Stigma, This Is Something Uglier – Discrimination

While shopping at the local market recently, I noticed a woman who was helping two gentlemen do their shopping. We have a program in our area that pairs an aid with people who have mental or developmental disabilities to help them do routine tasks, like shopping. As she was helping them through the checkout line … Continue reading Forget About Stigma, This Is Something Uglier – Discrimination

We Need Less Mental Health Awareness & More Serious Mental Illness Action

On December 6, 2017 my family made a fateful decision to call 911 and seek help for my son. He had become suicidal and was hurting himself. At the time, he had spiraled into a state of psychosis, something our family had never experienced before. He had decompensated into a false reality of conspiracy theories, … Continue reading We Need Less Mental Health Awareness & More Serious Mental Illness Action

The Mental Illness Mission Field

As you know, because Elliott became sick, I have been working to be the change I want to see in the world for those that have serious mental illnesses such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder. Beginning next week I will be sitting on a couple committees for the NSSC (Link below to join) and I … Continue reading The Mental Illness Mission Field

Broken Minds Broken Rights : Civil Rights Abuses Of The Seriously Mentally Ill In The USA

Inmates have choked to death on their own feces, been boiled to death in showers, and strapped to chairs for days at a time resulting in atrocious deaths, not at the hands of other inmates, but those entrusted with their care. They are often left naked, unmedicated and in solitary confinement for sometimes years. This mess called a mental health system violates a few constitutional rights regularly.