Worship The Creator Not His Creation

There has been a thread in the fabric of humanity that can’t seem to see creation for what it is – merely a witness. A sign, a testimony to the greatness that IS the great I AM – God Almighty!

Pagans worshiped the sun, moon and stars. They constructed idols to pay homage to the creations that God had set in motion at the beginning. Several times in the Old Testament God mocks in anger how pagans worship the wood, rocks, and metals that He had created. Wood will rot, rock can be eroded away and gold can be melted BUT GOD WILL ALWAYS BE!

Then New Age teachings taught that God IS CREATION itself…which anyone that reads Genesis knows this is false because it does not read “and then God became the earth and all that was in it”  It says in Genesis 1:1

The Beginning

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.


It goes on to say God spoke it into existence. It says God said “let there be light, a firmament, water and so forth” – not the New Age notion that God is water, the earth, the trees ect. God created them. He is their creator. They are a living, growing, reproducing, testimony to the absolute superiority of God.

They bare the fingerprints of God, they resemble the essence of His intelligence and omnipotence, but they are not God. They are created by God just as we are, but we too are not God. The Bible said he made us in His image and he made us from the dirt. He did not break off a chunk of his own self and say here I have created a “mini me out of me” as some other New Age teachings suggest. He created us from dirt. When the human beings God had created fell He told them that from the dirt they came and there their earthly bodies will return – in humility.

The New Age movement has much to say contradictory to the Bible and it serves two ultimately deceptive and dangerous purposes that share one sole mission- to make man stumble and be separated from God.

1. To get you to commit idolatry by worshiping Gods’ creation instead of worshiping his glory as the God of ALL creation.

2. To make you believe that you can be a God yourself. If we go back to the Garden its the oldest lie ever told to humanity and unfortunately still today people blindly fall for it just as quickly and eagerly as Eve did.

Genesis chapter three in fact starts out with “Now the serpent was more subtle than any beast of the field”  Satan in his subtle way tempts Eve – softly telling her  “Surely you will not die. God knows that you will be like Him if you eat this fruit…don’t you want to be as powerful as God..” (paraphrased) And Eve out of blind stupidity does as the serpent instructed. Next she convinces Adam to eat as well and then ensues a long and sordid situation between the serpent and mankind.  To this very day, Satans’ still pulling his old worn out tricks, trying to get as many people to fall as he possibly can. As believers we know what the ultimate end for Satan is and for all of the people he gets to follow him.

Do not fall for any teaching that says to worship the earth or any part of it. Rocks, crystals, mountains, rivers, plants, trees, the sun or the moon. Do not look to the stars as a God that can direct you or guide you. Do not buy books that teach you to become “your own God” willing your own life and attracting that which you desire. All of these are lies that are created to draw you away from God.

The world is BEAUTIFUL. I have often wondered if it is even humanly possible to travel enough to experience all of the world in one lifetime. I wonder if any person has been able to pull that off.  From the amazon rain forests to the deserts of Saudi Arabia. To the Great Barrier Reef in Australia to the Alps in Switzerland. God went big and he went all out when he created the world – it shows just how GREAT BIG OUR GOD IS! How perfect his power to plan, create, manifest and how miraculous his perfection from the tiniest cutter ant to the greatest bull elephant that each and everyday they are cared for. That is the provision of the God we serve.

Look at creation as what it is – a signpost pointing to all of the great attributes that are in God. His absolute wisdom, his absolute understanding, his absolute power. The same creator that carved out the Grande Canyon placed the delicate finishing touches on a butterflies wings – THIS IS HOW GREAT OUR GOD IS!

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