The Meaning of Life 

The entire world – and all that is in it – is a living breathing sign that points to the Glory of God and the need for salvation and reconciliation to Him through Christ Jesus. Every experience, situation, every second of everyday, you are looking at something or experiencing something that points you towards the Glory of God. Regardless if this situation per say is perceived as bad or good – it ULTIMATELY is pointing you towards the Glory of God and your need for reconciliation to God through Christ Jesus.

The human experience in the physical realm is similiar for all – transcending ethnicity, language, education, location or income bracket. A testimony to the absolute glory and perfection of God in itself. We all desire the same things and many of our experiences have been shared regardless of even the time in history to which we have been born!

Every single second of every single day you are experiencing a manifestation that declares the existence of God in some aspect of the physical, intellectual or emotional realms of the flesh. This experience we call life – is continually pointing us and directing us to the Glory of God and our need to be reconciled to Him through the atoning work of Jesus Christ on the cross. That is the meaning of life. That is the purpose and fulfillment of life – to find God and be reconciled so that you can worship that Glory for all eternity! Through this physical experience here on earth we are constantly being directed towards this ultimate eternal spiritual fulfillment through Christ Jesus!

In every experience we encounter from birth to death. From our very first breath to our very last, every second of your life, you are being presented with evidence of the Glory of God! In everything –  look for God, look for God, look for God!

It is not just found in the obvious manifestations of the greatness of nature. The massiveness of His provision for all mankind by creating such a world of splendor, is in itself, a witness to His Divine and Endless Grace. I often marvel at the originality of creation. How each and every night a brand new unique sunset is created – no two in all of history having the same swirls or patterns of colors. The fact that snowflakes are all created in uniqueness of design. The uniqueness of our fingerprints or the absolute originality of the tiniest of details in human beings – the human DNA that makes each of us up being absolutely unique to the human it indwells. The pattern of the iris of the eyes, each unique. How could anything be so absolute grandeur in its magnificence but absolutely precise down to the tiniest of details and not be God?

DNA existed before mankind had a means via technology to even notice it existed – just like God! The Bible says that “every knee will bow and every mouth profess” because on that day it will be discovered that even though some lacked the “means” by which to see Him – He has been and always will be there! Just as DNA existed long before we had the power to see it. On that day all mankind will be equipped with the power to see God – and hopefully you will have used your time wisely here on earth to find and be reconciled to Him through His Son – Christ Jesus!

The scientific world is always trying to disprove God, and the more they try, the more they prove He is in fact the author and creator of the divine plan behind all creation! His ways are all so superior to human beings understanding or even capacity to understand. This is one way in which every single day that your eyes see creation you are being witnessed to that there is a God!

For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and divine nature–have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse.
 – Romans 1:20

God is REAL! Look for Him – the evidence of God’s glory is all around you. People say well how can I see God in someone dying from cancer. Because even in the bad we see our need for God. In death, we learn about life. We see our weakness, we see our frailty and the need for His strength. We see the plan for eternal life and the temporary state in which we now live. That this earthly body can and will eventually pass away. The truth is no human being is spared from sickness, be it cancer, kidney disease, diabetes or the flu ect. We either experience it firsthand or see it in our loved ones. We see it because it ultimately points us to the Glory of God and the need for salvation through Christ. In the struggle that life presents – we see the beauty that God can create from the ashes of the destructive forces of a world that has been compromised by sin.

Some ask why does God not heal everyone and show us His Glory through that healing. God does heal all believers. It is either here (right now),  over there (in the future) or in the air (a restored body in heaven). Whatever way God choses to heal us also is a signpost to his superiority & grace and each is a witness to His absolute perfect will and divine plan. In the fact that we cannot control God’s will and that we must willingly submit to it through our faith that He works all things for the good of those that believe” we again are experiencing the perfect Glory of God! He IS greater than we are! He knows every detail of the future and we must trust Him completely.

Romans 8:28 “And we know that God works all things together for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose.

Death & disease are the strongest witnesses for the atributes of life & health and point us directly towards the need for God’s restorative power. This life is but for a moment. We are born and we die, as in a twinkling of an eye, and the experiences we have here points us to the understanding of our absolute frailty. The vulnerabilty we often feel inside our flesh drives us to seek comfort, peace, strength & safety. It is a beaming signpost that points directly to God. All things, especially the harder things in life, inevitably get us to seek the truth about our existence and how we fit into the grand puzzle of life. What is our piece shaped like? Who created our piece? Is this it? See, even in the struggle, God’s Glory is at work! It is using every second to draw you lovingly to Him.

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