Who Am I

My name is Tamara. I am a mother of 4 children; Elliott 21, Laurel 19, Jacob 15, and Richie 13. I am a spirit filled Christian. I love the Lord Jesus Christ and I also love writing. I have published 3 books on the other thing I love…horses. I own a 40 acre farm where I enjoy gardening and living life in the slow lane.

Sometimes blogs can be semi-impersonal but I don’t want mine to be. I love to wake up in the morning get the coffee pot going and have my time with the Lord. As many of you who also write know, thoughts and ideas are always bubbling up inside me and I have filled my notebook with ideas that I wait for the go-ahead from the Lord to share.

My particular call is to Women’s Ministry. I have earned my Women’s Ministry Certificate through Christian Leaders Institute. I feel that women have been under spiritual attack since Genesis 3:15 when God placed enmity between the serpents seed and the woman’s. The Lord lead me to start this blog to share my writings as well as of course point people to the cross. I’m sharing this so that you can put a face with my posts! Have a blessed day!


21 thoughts on “Who Am I

  1. I know you already know this, but I simply love your blog. Your blog is one of the few that I must read whenever I log into WordPress for my dose of daily inspiration and I thank God for you daily.

    1. And now you made me smile 😁 thank you that blesses my heart ❤️ I enjoy your blog too…glad we became blogging buddies.

  2. I’m kind of an odball. I like to read several blogs by women. I spent my career as a writer so I enjoy reading bloggers who can craft a good sentence. You are one of the best bloggers I read, man or woman, in the blogosphere. And since I found you and read some of your posts, I’ll read you regularly. As I did today, I’ll ask to re-post some of your stuff on my blog, For His Glory. Your posts are well organized and they flow seamlessly from your first sentence to your last. Very easy to read. You are also adept at making your point and supporting it with Scripture and biblical references.
    I do have a heart that breaks for issues that impact women–abortion, domestic violence and abuse. I also abhor reading about or seeing child abuse in any form. I follow several blogs written by and for women who have endured abuse and escaped it. They now write to help other woman. Their stories of victory over abuse in Jesus encourage me.

    1. I am a FIRM believer that for every “test” through the Glory of God, he is faithful to create a TESTIMONY! The test is always just the beginning to the testimony. Thank you so much for so many kind words…I love the Lord, and I love sharing my faith…and it TRULY blesses my heart to know you are getting something from my writing that blesses you!

      1. I would like to share my testimony with you at some point. Three pretty raw, ugly, prodigal decades included if you’re interested. It would be lengthy and I’d prefer to share it in email rather than on either of our blogs, if that would be acceptable to you.

    1. I self published…lulu is a good one if that is the route you take . I do open houses and sell books to people I help with horse issues. So it works for me.

      1. It is free to publish anything through lulu. You write it, upload it, and then if someone orders your book…they deduct the cost of production and send you the profit. So if you sell a book for $20 and it costs them $5 to make it you get $15. When you move into Amazon, Barnes & Noble etc…they take a small percentage. It doesn’t cost you any money out of pocket at all.

      2. I love it! I began this blog when preaching didn’t look like an option for me anymore. I’ve been back in it since January and have continued writing. I’m sure you would agree that this is a great outlet to release and impart what God has birthed within your heart. The challenge for me will be narrowing it down to what I would want to communicate. I know the Lord will guide.

      3. And lulu sets up all your Amazon & other affiliates so really all you have todo is write the book. They have templates you can download to make sure your manuscript fits for printing…it’s a really cool place to publish.

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