Dealing With Anxiety As A Christian…

There are two facts you can take absolute comfort in. Fact number one, you are never alone. God is always with you, and if you are a child of God, He is inside you experiencing these feelings first hand. He is always there. And fact number two, He understands completely. Jesus Christ humbled Himself by coming to earth and putting on this flesh suit so that he could experience being in the flesh first hand. Why? So that we could have a High Priest who not only had sympathy for us, BUT even deeper, He has something even more powerful - empathy. He literally strapped on our earthly shoes and walked a mile in them. He knows what we are going through. He knows what emotional pain feels like. He didn't have to do that, but he did...because He loves us and desired to understand us with actual empathy.

Empathy For Those With A Mental Illness

Many of us wake up every day and thank God for the healthy body he has given us. Many of us do not even think about the fact that we have been blessed with a sound mind as well. We often take this very important point of wellness for granted. For over 10 million people … Continue reading Empathy For Those With A Mental Illness

Christian Mental Health Books

Below you will find several books written from a Christian faith perspective on the subject of mental health. I recommend each and every one of these books. Some deal with personal issues and other deal with ministerial roles and their responsibilities to the congregation. Every book is well written, faith-based, and will help you understand … Continue reading Christian Mental Health Books

Body of Christ vs Board of Christians

Being active in ministry I get the pleasure of being around all sorts of people. When I look around at these people, I want to find the identifier, the one thing I know that truly identifies them as a Christian - a follower of Christ. I want to know the one thing that anoints them, … Continue reading Body of Christ vs Board of Christians

Schizophrenia : Demon, Devil or Disease? An Evangelical Perspective

There are approximately 51 million people world wide that live with the brain disease schizophrenia. All schizophrenia is classified as a serious mental illness according to the NIMH. Schizophrenia is twice as prevalent in the US as Alzheimer's, yet so little is spoken about its effect on those living with it, it remains shrouded in … Continue reading Schizophrenia : Demon, Devil or Disease? An Evangelical Perspective

Healthy Mind Ministry : Contact Me For Prayer

If you or someone you love is living with any form of mental illness I would love to offer my prayers and support to you. I hold several diplomas and certificates related to Christian Ministry. I also fully understand the trials that mental illness brings our way as my son is Paranoid Schizophrenic and currently … Continue reading Healthy Mind Ministry : Contact Me For Prayer

Your Mind Matters To God

Studies prove that as people are presented with the actual facts about mental illness and they learn these illnesses arise from actual biological factors, their acceptance of these afflictions as an actual illness outside of the sufferers control rises, and they lose prior preconceived stigmas. There has been an archaic belief within the faith community … Continue reading Your Mind Matters To God