Walking With God In The Garden

As an avid gardener I often reflect on my love of it as if it is a remnant sewed into my inner being of Gods desire for us to care for the Garden of Eden. How perfect of a job for someone like me to tend to a pristine Garden filled with all of Gods glory. I think the love of such is hard wired into us – gardening was part of Gods plan for us and something inside us still feels drawn towards it.

“That I may publish with the voice of thanksgiving, and tell of all thy wondrous works.”

Psalms 26:7 KJV

Gardening has become much more of a hobby in 2017 than a necessity of life as it has been in times past. I feel blessed to continue on in my grandparents legacy of keeping a garden that feeds my family well all year long. Gardening is truly a religious experience in which you experience many examples of Gods unfolding glory in your own lives.

A seed, like you, must die to be born again. You witness the miracle of regeneration in every little seed that sprouts. You see the inevitable life cycle of growing, bearing fruit and again dying played out in each and every plant. You see Gods fingerprints on each little blossom and perfectly formed vegetable you harvest. And eventually you recognize Gods plan as you literally reap what you show. The Bible uses agricultural analogies often to teach us important lessons about ourselves and once you have a garden you truly understand why.

Finally, when harvest goes into full swing, you recognize the absolute perfect providence of God and how abundantly he blesses the work of our hands. As American life has moved away from farming, I feel that the direct connection between God and our dinner plate has been broken. The cord of total dependency on Gods mercy has been severed by grocery stores that operates 24 hours a day 7 days a week regardless of rain or shine. I’ll be honest with you, I’ve often prayed for rain for my garden. Something beautiful and heavenly happens when you throw your arms up in the morning and pray for rain and in the afternoon you see the arrival of dark ominous clouds coming over the mountains bringing you exactly what you had asked for.

Gardening to me is a spiritual experience in which I feel very dependent upon God and it’s the perfect classroom to learn many lessons from and about our Creator. Even if it is to start a small container garden on the patio next Spring I urge everyone to give it a go. It truly is miraculous to watch it grow.


7 thoughts on “Walking With God In The Garden

  1. Amazing colours and shapes. And I’m sure it tastes good. I’m afraid I don’t have green fingers. But my wife loves gardening and our youngest daughter has grown strawberries this year.

    1. I love hearing that…children love gardening because they tend to see it for the miracle it really is ❤️ I have so much squash I have taking basketfuls out everyday now ( that’s an old freezer drawer basket in the photos) – we made blueberry zucchini bread last night. It was AMAZING.

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