The Lost Books Of The Bible Debate

This afternoon I had a conversation with one of my nearest and dearest girlfriends. She and I have been friends for 20 plus years, making us transcend friendship and enter sisterhood. She and I, although now separated by 1100 miles, still maintain a pretty solid friendship that I truly cherish. I just love her!

The conversation started out great. She shared her happiness over my recent revelations that the Lord has been working on in my life. She shared some about her current walk of faith and everything was going great, until she started off on some rant about the lost books of the Bible and how the Bible had been hijacked and wasn’t truly complete.

At that point I got my infamous scrunchie brow….

The wrinkly forehead I get when I am blindsided by something that I find completely erroneous and down right ludicrous. I was shocked, and in total disbelief it had even come out of her mouth. She must have sensed my disdain because she quickly goes on to ask “Well what do you think about the book of Enoch for instance…why did they leave that out?”

I explained that I do not believe there are “lost books of the Bible” – the canon of scripture is complete. If you were to read the book of Enoch you will see why it was not included. It deals with things like a flat earth, the watchers, giant Nephilim and fallen angels. It is highly debatable that Enoch was even the author, many modern scholars suggest it was written long after Enoch was gone and that it played off Enoch’s fame and notoriety at the time to appeal to people. The book of Enoch was determined not to be inspired. You can read it, its online in several places. There are several books that are available to read today online that you often hear of being excluded from the Bible due to some conspiracy theory or another. I have read several of these books, and it is in my opinion they were left out rightfully so, and for good reason. They are not the Word of God.

Many who espouse the need for them to be included rarely have read them, or even the Bible in its entirety, for that matter. That’s what irks me about the whole lost books movement, it’s the same old shady devil doing what he does best – planting doubts about God’s Sovereignty.

To believe that our God is lacking or was limited on the construction of the canon of scriptures is blasphemous and downright heretical in my opinion. There is nothing that’s been left out that should have been included. If God wanted it in there, it would have been there, he’s not some dime store diety waiting on man to give him his crown.

This heretical teaching that is spreading online like wildfire is nothing new and it plays on biblical illiteracy to its maximum capacity. If the devil can start a doubt brewing in your mind about the Bible being in anyway erroneously constructed or lacking some divine teaching because man superseded Gods almighty power, he can erode if not overthrow your faith. There are several books people have claimed should have been in the Bible. Some of these books are great books to read. They hold wisdom and insight into the culture and teachings of the early Christian evolvement and the development of the church. There are also several creeds, such as the Nicene & Apostles Creeds that are edifying to read. The Didache is a teaching I love, but it shouldn’t have been included in the Bible. There is nothing that needs added to the Bible. Not a jot or a tittle.

These books can give you some insight and teachings, but the Bible is the Word of God. It is inspired and written by God. These other books do not have the same inspired content. I encourage you to read them for yourselves and you will see what I mean. It’s like reading a commentary or listening to a Pastor give a message with these books. It is reflective of the truth of God but it has a lot of mans inflence and opinions interjected.

This whole “lost books” movement is just a way for the devil to drop doubt in your mind if you go around thinking that you don’t have the whole truth in your Bible…you do.

You can read almost all of the so called lost books on the Christian Apologetics and Research Ministries website. They are a great source of lots of helpful resources.

*** I recommend the Interlinear Hebrew Greek English Bible for an accurate study of scriptures. Also available in a 4 Volume Set (larger print than single volume) Interlinear Hebrew Greek English 4 Volume Set

19 thoughts on “The Lost Books Of The Bible Debate

    1. People who claim they should be included need only bother to read them to find out why they were not. ❤️ Biblically based sound Doctrine is IMPORTANT and you get that by studying the Word of God not opinions of YouTube hosts or weird conspiracy theorists who are not Biblically grounded! Glad you liked the post, have a blessed day in Christ!

  1. You are really opening my eyes to these ‘Lost Books’. I didn’t know much about them to be honest. I intend to read them but agree that the Bible is the Bible. End of.

    P.S. I hope you and your friend didn’t fall out over this.

    1. After 20 years…lol…we may get mad but we do get over it. Some like the Didache, and The Apostles Creed, The Nicene Creed are all wonderful. They are like ancient pamphlets and confessions of faith. But the book of Enoch? Can you imagine IF they had included a book that speaks on the world being flat…the whole Bible would have been ruined. The skeptics would have ripped it apart. The Bible is the infallible- inerrable – Word of God. Period.

  2. ‘These books can give you some insight and teachings, but the Bible is the Word of God. It is inspired and written by God. These other books do not have the same inspired content.’

    I absolutely agree with you on this post.

    1. If people would bother to read them I am sure they would be in agreement with both of us ❤️ Being Biblically literate in this day and age is an absolute must – there are some downright whacky ideas out there that are instantly dissolved with even the slightest bit of biblical literacy.

  3. I dunno. On a similar note, the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered starting in 1946. As a kid, we all heard stories of the find. It’s taken them many decades to go through the material and to translate all of it. To-date, they’ve counted something like 981 different manuscripts from eleven caves within the complex. Scholarly consensus dates the scrolls from the last three centuries BCE to the first century CE. There are bronze coins found at the site from the 135 BCE -> 73CE timespan so this reasonably dates when the cache was created.

    I’ve been disappointed that the general public has not received the full knowledge of everything that was there. It’s almost like someone is closely guarding these secrets and don’t want people to know what’s there. It represents the 2nd-oldest known surviving manuscripts of the Hebrew Bible canon and they won’t share them with us.

    I don’t think these are fakes, given their age. Based upon the care they were originally given, I would guess that whoever packaged them was doing so because it was exceedingly important for them to preserve this information. From what we do know, both Exodus and Samuel manuscripts were fairly different from the others in the standard canon (from the 10th century CE versions). This makes the Dead Sea Scroll version of Exodus in this case 1,000 older than the one that later got translated into the KJV. In cases like this, it makes me want to find out those differences.

    1. I will simplify my thoughts on this. Do you know Christ? Have you reached a level of understanding and conviction sufficient enough via the canon you presently have to make a willing and spirit led commitment to follow Christ? If so, what more could you possibly need?

  4. :laugh: Imagine a guy like Leonardo Da Vinci. Could he ever be satisfied with what he knew at any one moment or would he want to know everything eventually at some ripe old age?

    To live is to learn. To learn is to live.

    I think I know Christ enough for who he was and what he did. I myself went to Peru and built houses for and fed the poor for three months, the maximum my visa would allow (after an earthquake down in Pisco). Walk their footsteps if you want to know someone.

    1. I worked with Haitian refugees in the Bahamas . I know. But if I have anything I want to know about Jesus I got to my secret spot and ask him.

      It’s like would you read a book about your dad to get to know him, or go climb up on his lap and say daddy tell me about that time it rained for 40 days 😁

      1. It helps to be in a quiet place, especially without distractions like… incandescent/fluorescent lights and such.

        The Bahamas? That must have been amazing.

        Pisco was a bit like… htt

      2. We were on the island of Nassau, in a house that had no beds we had to sleep on the floor, and I woke up with a 3 inch cockroach (palmetto bug) on my face. The children lived in absolute squawler and their mothers tried to give them away to us. They ate out of discarded trash from the grocers who would come and dump truck loads of garbage on their little makeshift village made of real estate signs , old pallets, tires and tarps. I met a little boy named Emmanuel there…

        Emmanuel means God is with us – God used that little boy to reveal to me so many truths about Gods kingdom and purpose.

        I was there 20 years ago. It was a beautiful, eye opening experience. Especially concerning Voodoo and other spiritually oppressive designs of the devil.

  5. The Internet is fairly silent regarding Nassau slums and shy on photos, it seems. I’m laughing at the 3″ cockroach story because here in San Diego, my last apartment had HUGE ones. Glad I moved out of there.

    1. Nassau promotes paradise island more than the Haitian ghetto. While I was there I was also moved to report to the humane society of the us on the condition of the street cart horses. We went to an evening outdoor service and this poor horse was rummaging through trash trying to find food. And it was a rack of bones.

  6. The dogs down there loved us (since we didn’t throw rocks at them or beat them). You didn’t have to actually feed them, just say nice things to them, that’s all. They weren’t used to that.

    1. I saw a few three legged dogs in he Bahamas, many homeless animals too. All in the same predicament as the Haitian children, forced to eat out of the trash to survive.

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