Holy Spirit Comfort Our Country

You can knock down every statue, burn every flag and destroy everything man has made and all the evil will still be there after the smoke clears – it lives in hearts – not statues or flags. Destroy the hate in hearts by love not by driving in more hate.

Dear Lord comfort our nation. Sew together all races with stitches of peace and love, uniting us in the knowledge that we are all image bearers of God and brothers and sisters in Christ. Heal the division in our country, heal the hatred in our hearts and bring us back into a place of loving our neighbor as our selves and faithfully being our brothers keeper. Holy Spirit descend upon America and comfort her emotional wounds. Pull closed the deep divides and restore this nation to a state of peace.


*** I recommend the Interlinear Hebrew Greek English Bible for an accurate study of scriptures. Also available in a 4 Volume Set (larger print than single volume) Interlinear Hebrew Greek English 4 Volume Set


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