The Religion of Non-Reason Reason : Atheism

Recently I have been visited by a group of  “Atheists” who seem hell bent on either weakening my faith or loosening my resolve or I don’t know what they are doing. I believe it is just a spiritual circumstance of being a Christian. So I have written this article to help me in the future as I will be referring all atheist visitors here, rather than waste my time arguing with them about what is outside of their skill set at the current moment to comprehend. I pray all find our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So here are my thoughts on Atheism. The belief that there is no rhyme or design to the universe. I say this because if there were a rhyme or a design it would dictate that there must be a rhymer or a designer and this is rejected by Atheists. They don’t necessarily adhere to the theory of evolution or any prescribed plan of anything, they may or they may not. We just somehow are, and we live and die, just as some random animal in the forest. I find this a depressing worldview, but it’s theirs and so lets examine it closer to see if it is congruent, cohesive or even sane. They criticize Christians often,  believing we live under an oppressive yoke of religion, I would counter-claim that they live under an oppressive yoke of non-reason in the name of reason.

You didn’t come from anywhere? You are going nowhere? And your life has as much purpose as a rabbit that has been eaten by a pack of coyotes? Because your claim to there being no God is always there is no proof of his existence. Well in your world view there is no proof of a unified purpose, because in having a purpose one must adhere that there was a plan in order to provide the need for said purpose. Without a plan there is no willed purpose. Rabbit hole number 1 = Because purpose is an abstract idea, just as God, there is no way to prove a purpose for anything actually exists. If you are only as valuable as a rabbit, that lived just to be a meal for another creature, then why bother being educated? Ahhhhh, because being educated makes you “feel good” right? You feel accomplished? Satisfied with exercising your brain in a way that gives your life some sort of one-dimensional meaning? How do we even claim that intelligence exists then? Ahhhh its an abstract idea correct, the proof of it is measured in our “performance and remembrance” of ideas? And what do tell are ideas? They in all factual means of the word DO NOT ACTUALLY EXIST – some philosophers thought they were random electrical surges in a hunk of meat called our brain.

“With me the horrid doubt always arises whether the convictions of man’s mind, which has been developed from the mind of the lower animals, are of any value or at all trustworthy. Would any one trust in the convictions of a monkey’s mind, if there are any convictions in such a mind. ” –  Charles Darwin

The Atheist says prove to me that God exists. I say prove to me love exists. Or even a reason for love to exist. But you feel love, you know it exists, but outside of your emotional feeling there is no fact to substantiate love exists. I remember in psychology class the teacher telling us of how in aboriginal tribes in Australia if a baby is born in a drought, the mother takes it aside and bashes its skull in with a rock, to be sympathetic and loving of course. I remember how the teacher, a female, coldly described this like saying “after class place your papers on my desk”. To her, genocide was absolutely acceptable and actually necessary to compassion. Which takes us down the rabbit hole to all sorts of things that do not exist in a scientific “reason only” universe. Morality, compassion, the ability to conclude right from wrong. Which in all actuality and reality is governed by yep you guessed it “a feeling”. A feeling cannot be seen, touched, smelled or tasted. It can not be bottled, or reproduced in a petri dish – in all actuality it does not exist according to your standard of determining what exists and what doesn’t it.

“Among the scenes which are deeply impressed on my mind, none exceed in sublimity the primeval forests undefaced by the hand of man; whether those of Brazil, where the powers of Life are predominant, or those of Tierra del Fuego, where Death and Decay prevail. Both are temples filled with the varied productions of the God of Nature: no one can stand in these solitudes unmoved, and not feel that there is more in man than the mere breath of his body. ” — Charles Darwin

You can’t measure God with a yardstick and feelings by volume. You must use the same measuring stick, and if God does not exist than neither do feelings. Boths existence is based upon a feeling that can neither be extracted and deduced to its composition or make-up.

If we keep going down that rabbit hole we come to conclude that outside of your own mind you cannot actually prove ANYTHING exists. You ever have a dream that was so real it changed the way you functioned in your waking state? One time I dreamed I ate pizza and so much of it I got sick and threw up, for almost a year I couldn’t eat pizza. But the pizza in the dream wasn’t real or was it? But that isn’t even the most conclusive nail in the coffin of this whole debaucherous idea of no God, no reason, no designer, no creator…to me it is crazy talk by a group of people grasping at straws who are afraid that God does exist so they spend their lives like Oscar Wilde who on his death bed proclaimed “Bring me a preist!” because he knew he had made a grave error.

“What is it that, when present in a body, makes it living? — A soul.” – Socrates

The Atheist says prove God exists, scientifically prove God exists, outside of your personal experience because experience is relative and non-conclusive and cannot be observed, measured, or reproduced. There are things in this universe that cannot be understood through the five senses, of touch, taste, smell and sound. That is the very limited array of our input devices. To say because we are so absolutely handicapped in this area that God does not exist is ludicris. Its like saying DNA did not exist prior to the building of a microscope powerful enough to find it. Its like saying dolphins do not use sonar because our ears cannot hear their sounds, or a dog whistle is silent when we blow on it just because we are not equipped to process the higher frequency soundwaves as a dog does. Its like saying the sunset has no color because some who have color blindness cant see it. Some of us can process the being that is God and I actually do feel sorry for those that have a limited ability in the area.

So for instance if you say their is no provable God, there is also no provable love, peace, joy, or any other nontactile touchable tasteable measurable experience. Please refrain Mr. or Mrs. Athiest from telling me you love your children, or your spouse or even yourself. I say your statement is outlandish and absolutely unprovable. Have you ever cried so hard in heartbreak perhaps over the loss of a loved one? Ummmmm not reasonable sorry your entire scope of “feelings and emotions” is invalid. Not because you do not believe in God, but according to your own standard, that something MUST be proveable outside of the simple statement “I know it because I feel it”. There goes also mental diseases like depression and anxiety – nope those only exists in your own private awareness. I can’t touch, taste, hear or smell it – so sorry it doesn’t exist.

I wonder if you have ever watched an animal die. I live on a farm and unfortunatly I have witnessed death a few times in my life. The other animals don’t weep. The horse standing in the next stall is oblivious to the one laying dying on the floor of the conjacent stall. There is an ambivalent disregard for anything that does not produce food or water or is directly linked to its survival for an animal. To an atheist with no belief in a creator or anything that is non-reasonable tell me why human beings cry? Explain that in a way where only scientific evidence supports the reason of human being crys. I’ve cried so hard in the presence of God it felt like my insides were a wet rag that was being twisted and the contents of such went pouring down my cheeks in a sadness so grande yet exhilerating it drudged up wounds deeply embedded in my soul and instantaneously healed them. So are emotions in fact not real, not valid of no regard. If so we again should only seek food, water and shelter and to procreate. If times are tough or a child is born deformed we should then eat it without emotional response because scientifically that is the logical choice. Because morals can’t actually be proven to exist outside of the mind. Morality is just an idea, and again ideas are only ideas.

Disbelief cannot even be concretely proven to exist. If you say I don’t believe that, I can of course say logically that makes absolutely no sense. The fact that you disbelieve something gives creedance to its existence – if it didn’t exist you would not even need to present a disbelief to it. Perhaps if you have no opinion to it, you just wouldn’t bother fooling with it. Like I didn’t spend my morning trying to remove a bear from my bedroom, if I did, I think someone would have baker acted me. Yet an atheist may spend his life trying to remove a bear from his bedroom that HE PROFESSES DOES NOT EXIST.

This is the insanity behind Atheism.

When you realize that 3/4 of your existence is not logical, highly unreasonable and 100% unproveable you start to understand that the majority of life is unprovable. I cannot feel the love you have for your children, therefore should I then ascertain or suggest that because I cannot feel that love myself that your love for them does not exist? So lets stretch this out even farther, when you went to college and worked hard to build a future for a family you weren’t even sure you would one day have were you ignorant and unreasonable for doing so? Did it show lack of intelligence to plan for children you didn’t have at the time? How could you believe that your future actually holds anything. Logically speaking tomorrow you have just as much chance of dying than living and there is no reason to even believe anything will happen in your life that will change its course from that of which you sail today?

You can’t even prove to me that tomorrow exists…how can you plan for it?

I am an artist. I can draw or paint. I take an image in my mind and transfer it to paper. To look at me, to see me, to hear me, to feel me, you have no way of measuring my artistic talents. It is a gift. I can’t touch it, I cant capture it in a bottle. I cant repoduce it in a lab, I can’t somehow extract it fom me as a seperate “thing” to be handled and examined, yet it is real. I can only prove this gift exists when I excercise it in a way that allows you to experience its tangible transferance from an intangeable existence…In laymens terms my creations. You can’t see what is going on in my head and you have no way to explain how I take something from my mind and turn it into something you can actually experience. God says in Romans that he used creation to bear witness to the attributes of himself and in another place in the bible it says that all that is visible was created by that which was invisible…

I don’t care if you believe me, it is your soul you are playing russian roulette with everyday. I pray you find the spiritual aspects of your reality before it is to late. There is more to our existence that remains a mystery than has ever been explained. Its almost as if atheists worship knowledge. They feel that if they fill their head with man subscribed facts they somehow win.

Darwin used to believe that the smaller things got, the more simple they became. Boy he was wrong wasn’t he? He was sure of it, I wonder what Darwin would think of DNA and how he could explain the amount of information that is contained within one strand. It literally would be like a bunch of trees falling down randomly and forming perfect sheets of paper and then randomly it rained ink that fell into perfectly formed words in a coherent and understandable language that produced the entire genetic code, plan, and purpose for life and those pages just magicly were bound together and filed in order for absolutely no reason at all compiling over  500, 1000 page books of information…all in that tiny strand of DNA.

If we started now discussing how many times human knowledge fell flat on its face we could be here for the next 2000 years discussing it. Which is coincidentally how long we have been discussing how perfect and infallible the Gospel of Jesus Christ is.

So I have written this article in advance for all or any atheists that do come my way and want to argue about “facts” and yada yada yada…Don’t waste your time with me, I will lovingly refer you to this page, ask you to respect my beliefs and then if I feel you do not I will block you.

Two interesting articles are below. One on the view of many great thinkers thoughts on the soul and another on the Physics of Sin which are both brilliant reads.

Ancient Theories of Soul

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy : Ancient Theories Of Soul

The Physics of Sin


168 thoughts on “The Religion of Non-Reason Reason : Atheism

  1. I LOVE this post! I had a few atheists who engaged in conversation with me some time ago over one of my posts. Some were kind in their disagreements while others tried to tear me to shreds. I am used to people from all spectrums disagreeing with me. I want to be guilty of one thing – speaking the truth in love.

    1. I don’t want to be hateful to people, but the only reason they came my way was I had commented on a fellow Christians blog and it must make them happy to go around being poop stirrers…and excuse my lack of better words….

      That’s all they want to do is stir poo on the Internet. So to avoid lengthy debates or long threads I must scroll endlessly down…I’ll say here ya go this is my belief…if you don’t like it or continue to harass me…I will just block you.

  2. Great observations. You will find that the ‘visits’ from atheists will diminish in proportion to your steadfastness of faith. The victory to the atheist is a continued dialogue, in which he can never win. Doesn’t matter to him/her. The idea is to give alleged credibility to an argument that is void of reason, facts, or logic.

    They will swear that Abraham, Moses, Isaac, Christ, Paul never lived, and will cite ‘proof’ that Abraham’s shoelaces cannot be found, while pretending to believe ”proof’ of things from 14.874 billion years ago!!! lol. And they will find a replacement for you when they cannot dent your armor. True.

    But you are dead right. The insanity is atheism, and it is proof of a poisonous mind that cannot face reality.

    1. The Bible tells us that there are those that are just spiritually blind. Without the Holy Spirit, the Gospel doesn’t make sense and they shun him. It’s actually sad. I pray for them. I agree with everything you said. The scripture that comes to mind is 1Corinthians 3:19 “For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness.”

    2. And also thank you for showing up the other day … you reminded me of a lion like your avatar…they kinda just fled once you showed up. Thank you!

      1. It’s always nice having a witness nearby, but that strength is purely the Lord’s, as I’m sure you know.

    1. I would never troll on other people’s blogs looking for atheist writers or commenters to follow around and harass for their beliefs. I blog about my Christian Faith, I blog about my love of the Lord, and my desire that all come to salvation through Christ….I appreciate your kind words and I know not all atheists are out to be trolls, at least the mature ones are not.

  3. Well done post!

    I have been reading Friedrich Nietzsche here of late, trying to figure him out. The guy was smart, I suppose, but I am not terribly impressed. He makes many assertions about Christianity that have more to do with his feelings about Christianity than Christianity.

    What made me think of Nietzsche is the section in your post where you state disbelief cannot be proven to exist. Nietzsche challenged this assertion: I think, therefore I exist.

    It is so curious that he would do that. He made much of the “will to power”. If one wills, don’t they exist, and what is a will without thought?

    What I find striking about Nietzsche is that he almost makes sense, but he never really does. Trying to understand the man is like chasing a will-o’-the-wisp. I think he wanted to be chased (read), but not well understood. However, he definitely did not like Christianity.

    1. “Christianity is called the religion of pity. Pity stands opposed to the tonic emotions which heighten our vitality! It has a depressing effect. We are deprived of strength when we feel pity. That loss of strength which suffering as such inflict on life is still further increased and multiplied by pity. Pity makes suffering contagious. Under certain circumstances, it may engender a total loss of life and vitality out of all proportion to the magnitude of the cause…”

      — Nietzsche, The Antichrist

      Sounds like an absolute idiot to me. Sounds like one of those people who uses big words and often to disguise the fact that they have absolutely no idea about what they are talking.

      1. The scary thing is that I think he knew what he was talking about.

        Consider the matter from Satan’s viewpoint (and yes, I know that is asking a lot). Because Satan is proud, he thinks everything exists to glorify him. That is actually true of God. God did create everything to glorify Him. Yet because God created everything, and He created everything good, God cares about His Creations. Satan, however, created nothing. He is a thief. What takes he abuses. What he cannot have, because he is jealous he sets out to destroy.

        Is Satan logical? No.

        Nietzsche arguments sound remarkably like what I would expect of Satan. He puffs himself up, tries to make himself appear regal, and he asks his readers, whom he suggests are “free spirits” like himself, to join him in puffing themselves up. Then he explains who has the right to rule and who they have the right to rule. He explains how those who have the right to rule can best exercise their will to power.

        It is strange is how the man died. Insane. Silent for long periods. Occasionally, he broke his silence with verses from the Bible. Such were the last days of the man Nazis held up as one of their great philosophers.

      2. “. . . This is the mistake which I seem to make eternally, that I imagine the sufferings of others as far greater than they really are. Ever since my childhood, the proposition ‘my greatest dangers lie in pity’ has been confirmed again and again. . . .”

        ― Nietzsche, 1884 letter

        To me it seems perhaps he wrote about his personal demons. And in my honest opinion, it looked like the man needed a psychiatrist. He had a definite inward struggle going on.

      3. Absolutely agree. In many ways we are all like Saul of Tarsus until we meet Jesus on the road to Demarcus and become a Paul …. who’s latter days, through Gods grace, still are glorifying God today.

  4. I’m a bit late to the party, as I have gotten wayyyyyyyyyyyy behind in my reading. Well done here, for sure. ColorStorm said it well; as soon as they realize you are steadfast, they will run off to find another blogger to pounce on. I must have missed all of that fun as well, I think I will see if I can find it. Blessings for your effort here.

      1. What a sad mission in life. To zip around and try to strip someone of their faith, hope, and joy?

      2. That is precisely it. Tamara, sadly it works as they succeed sometimes in what they do. Of course no believer is ever stripped of their faith as God loses none. They do cause some to stumble though

      3. They are so clueless to how this works…but we can honestly say THANK GOD we aren’t ❤️

  5. Although I’m generally a fan of advanced education, there’s a fair amount of programming (even brainwashing) that takes place in college. There are not trained to think; they are trained to obey and to believe, I assure you. And in fact, they are also trained presumably to ridicule anything that doesn’t follow the scientific canon. I was recently at a Maker’s get-together (imagine geeks who like to make things) and was suggesting that Newton’s Second Law of Physics was wrong/incomplete, basically. I might as well have walked into a church and announced that there is no God to these people, based upon the reception that I received.

    “Yes, but listen to my reasoning…”, I began. Most refused to listen, dogmatically digging in their heels. One among the group listened and he got it, I think. Honestly, I thought my logic was sound and that I’m right, Sir Isaac Newton was wrong. In the world of science, you’re supposed to be able to propose new theories and have them heard by your peers. No such luck. So any frustration that you might have with academics is based upon their programming to stop using their brains, essentially.

    1. I wonder if there is a book that documents just all the times people thought science was right and it was absolutely wrong, or in a few years from certain discoveries, proven absolutely wrong…

      Quarks for instance…we just found those. DNA through a huge hole in Darwins theory that the smaller things got the simpler they became…and now we have quarks…

      We used to believe the earth was flat and that the sun revolved around us…and that we are made up of matter…when in fact we are energy. Science has been wrong far more than right…and often what is called fact is just a hypothesis or a theory THAT THEY SUPPORT because it’s supports other fallacies they try to sell as facts.

      Liberal Universities are anti anything that dispels, disagrees, or disproves the little reality they have created in the bubble of what they call intellectualism… and a lot of it is FALLLSSSEEE.


  6. I just noticed you have re-tweeted something from Ken Ham.
    Out of idle curiosity, Tamara, do you actually support this man and his particular YEC beliefs?

      1. Nope. I believe science is man’s way of trying to logically understand Gods creation. In a world that is made up of 99.9999% empty space and vibrating like energies appear solid but in fact are not, logic isn’t the tool you need to understand…faith is.

      2. Sorry, but if you are a young earth creationist you are a science denier.
        This is simply plain fact Tamara.

        I can offer you one word. Fossils.

      3. We will need to respectfully agree to disagree on this matter. I believe that an evolutionary Athiest worldview is what drives the misrepresentation of information in this area. You believe the world is millions of years old…I believe it to 6000 years old. I believe that based on scripture but also findings from scientists within the creationism community. I believe in biblical inerrancy.

      4. What part of I believe in absolute biblical inerrancy did you not catch? My world view, my beliefs, my life is based completely on what lies beneath the covers of my Bible. I believe in Bohemeth, Leviathon, and even unicorns. Because they are all in the Bible. I also believe Moses parted the Red Sea, Noah built and Ark and Balaams ass spoke to him. To a God that raised people who had been dead for days, nothing is impossible.

        One thing I have always wondered why it took him a whole 6 days to create the world…when he could have done it in 6 seconds.

      5. So in actual fact you are suffering from some sort of delusion or minor mental illness then, yes?
        Even your blog pal, Mel would likely be wary of one so fundamental are you say your are,

        Do you have access to children?

      6. Why does my faith offend you so much? That is the only question you actually need answered. For me it was a rhetorical question, as I already know.

      7. Offend? Don’t be silly. I think it is ridiculous, but everyone is entitled to believe what they wish.
        I have no issue with this at all.
        In the same vein, no one has the right to impose their beliefs upon others if they are unable to qualify such beliefs with evidence.
        As you are unable to qualify YEC, to indoctrinate children with such beliefs is tantamount to child abuse.

        But you as an adult are perfectly at liberty to believe whatever you like. No problems.
        While I have no respect for your views, I respect your right to hold them.
        I hope you respect the right of children and allow them to reach a level of maturity where they are able to make such choices independently..

        Just to clarify. Do you actually believe dinosaurs were once non-carnivorous and co-existed with humans?

      8. Made me laugh. Which is harder for God to create: the sun, moon, and stars, or a whale, or a sparrow, or a dairy cow, or grass, or hello, WATER?

        Btw, there are tons of proofs for interesting reading that it is a bazillion dollar business to line museums with plastic and resin bones of alleged big lizards……………

        But you are right T, God is neither surprised by the godlessness and stubbornness of men, and His word loses no lustre by all the pitiful and useless challenges against His effulgent word.

      9. The way they are so offended by the Word of God only holds witness to where and what they come from. I wonder Ark are you equally offended by Buddhist, Hindus or Muslims? Or is Christianity your sole offensive religion?

    1. Sorry ark, I like my word better. Says exactly what I mean.

      While I’m here, are you aware that believers disagree about many things? Some are vegans, others eat meat. Guess what? Neither is the better.

      As to believing this or that regarding the age of the earth, you have no proof of your 14. billion year guess work. Are you sure it’s not 13.9, or 15,8399, or 14.922463, or as some of your colleagues say 3.44 billion? Quite a discrepancy………….what’s the big deal if you are off a few billion years… can still hide a false model easily eh.

      Then there are the ‘professional atheist scientists’ who can’t agree on the distance of the sun; some argue 93 mil, others 30 mil, others much less. Then there are the climate experts, who boast of ‘millions of years’ of more proof………..while not being able to get right a 5 day forecast………..Get the point?

      As to believers, not all are at the same mile markers in life, and some will change their mind tomorrow about wine or grape juice or whatever, but the fact remains, scripture is correct, and to the astute reader, contains more true science in Genesis and Job than Sagan drummed up in his lifetime

      And don’t even get me started on the carpenters level, plumb line, or compass, which tools of genius point to absolute truth, every time.

      1. Quite the dilemma you are making for yourself. You are trying to make it MY problem.

        See that salamander yonder? To a pinprick it is monstrous. Have you seen a full dinosaur without resin or plastic construction?

        Have you seen one without an assumed build? But you crack me up. You focus on speculation, and avoid the obvious.

        Heck, your bigger concern should be whales………. much more character than earthmovers.

        The ruling on the field stands: God’s word is good. Btw, the host here answers quite well your concerns, and I have told you before, since I wasn’t there at creation, I do not have perfect information, neither does anybody.

        But the believer is in a far better position to offer a heads up, because we recognize One who holds all things together.

        Surely you must know that atheism holds nothing together.

      2. Well, there are full size fossils. Does this qualify?

        So, do you beleive that dinosaurs were once non-carnivorous and co existed with humans?

  7. Jurrassic Park is SCIENCE FICTION doncha know. Amazing what cameras and an imagination can do. Unfortunately, I’m not a filmmaker. Or fortunately.

    Do you believe Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob lived? Do you believe the historical record by Stephen in Acts 7 concerning their existence?

    1. Yes, Jurassic Park is fiction. So is Ken Ham’s version of ”Life as we know it”.

      So, do you believe that dinosaurs were once non-carnivorous and co-existed with humans?

      1. Some people believe the earth is a giant turtle and we are all riding on it’s back. Did you visit their blogs this morning to voice your opposition or am I the only privileged one to receive a visit 😁 if so all of a sudden I feel special ❤️

        Do you frequent flat earthers? Or is your fiercest hatred reserved for those that believe in Jesus Christ Son of God. What a beautiful, beautiful name it is…Jesus Christ.

      2. Yes, So Sir Terry Pratchett once alluded to in Discworld.
        Oh, you are special.
        I used to follow Colorstorm who is a flat -earther, but his unique brand of insanity goes beyond even my meagre talents to engage.

      3. It takes as much faith to believe in evolution. 😁 many of us won’t know till we get there…but when we get there I suspect we won’t even care.

      4. Evolution is fact. It can be observed and there is also the fossil record.
        Most Christians accept it as so, even the ones who invented your religion.

      5. Nope. There are NO FOSSIL RECORDS OF INBETWEEN SPECIES. THey got so excited over that stupid fish…until someone caught a living one. 😂😂😂😂😂 no observable evidence.

      6. So you are actually ignorant of what evolution actually is?
        Young Earth Creationism is a relatively new form of Christian belief in fact.
        Would you like to be directed to a site that can show you exactly how it works?
        And do you believe dinosaurs were once all herbivorous and co existed with human beings, Tamara. Are you afraid to make answer?

      7. I answered your question. I fear nothing. Evolution states that single felled organisms, evolved into invertebrates, that evolved into fish, that evolved into amphibians that evolved into reptiles that evolved into mammals…that evolved into humans….

        That’s a lot of evolving and there is not ONE FOSSIL out there that substantiates all those inbetween animals that would have died evolving…zilch, nada, zip….NO OBSERVABLE EVIDENCE

      8. I can send you links as well. I don’t need a website…I know the truth…THERE IS NO OBSERVABLE EVIDENCE OF EVOLUTION…and as time progresses his THEORY grows more flawed. Now I actually have this thing called “work” to attend to. Bye bye..

      9. I prefer the term ‘stationary.’

        Then again, as your ol pal gal sang, perhaps you have felt…….. ‘the earth move under your feet.’

        I have not as much as had that pleasure. And if people would actually do their homework……using facts, logic, common sense, and of course scripture………which points out the genius of the suns degrees…………. 😉

        Truth be told, surveyors, airline pilots, engineers, farmers, seamen, and all people who have searched the matter………….have come, and will come to the inescapable conclusion that a ‘globe model’ is a clever tool of atheists; and I hold no ill will for believers who have not thought about the implications and ramifications.

        The shape of the earth is hardly a matter for redemption, but does speak to the genius of the Creator.

      10. I’ve not researched it enough to draw a conclusion on it CS…so I will make no assumptions on it…

        I’ve tried to hang a door and learned that our God is beyond amazing in The absolutely perfect world he created…I can’t even hang a door right.

      11. Let’s get some context here so I know we are not talking to a robot.

        Do you believe that the accounting of Acts Ch. 7 is factual………..and that Stephen was certain that his descendants Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob lived?

        You see, you are proving my (our) point completely, so thank you for this.

        You do not get to set the narrative on a post that deals with atheism as a religion. Forget the dinosaurs per your distraction. Let’s focus on the obvious.

      12. Dinosaurs are a major part of earth’s history.
        I am merely curious whether you beleive they co existed with humans and were all once non carniverous.

      13. For the 3rd time, was Stephen correct when he cited the history of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob as historical and actual people?

        Far more important than your alleged flying whales.

  8. The way they are so offended by the Word of God only holds witness to where and what they come from. I wonder Ark are you equally offended by Buddhist, Hindus or Muslims? Or is Christianity your sole offensive religion?

    Not offended. I consider all such beliefs are silly.

    1. I think it’s silly to spend ones waking hours concerned with something you believe to not exist. – that’s irrational at best and perhaps insane at worst, no?

      1. I am not concerned for its own sake, but rather the damage such beliefs do to people in general, and children in particular, thus continuing this nonsense to another generation.
        Fortunately humans are moving away from such beliefs albeit slowly.

        Just for the record, I would like it if you would reply to my question regarding all dinosaurs once being non-carnivorous and co existing with humans, please.

      2. It’s a theory. With absolutely NO OBSERVABLE EVIDENCE. none, nada, zilch….and you by pushing it as fact are doing what you say Theists do…

        Darwins theory included that the smaller things got the simpler they became…he was really really wrong there…as he is in his other assumptions. You can’t even call them educated assumptions because there isn’t ANY SCIENCE THAT BACKS THEM UP.

        I wonder why they never give the full title of his book either “On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection, or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life.”

        But Theists are the snake oil salesmen.

      3. it’s a theory. With absolutely NO OBSERVABLE EVIDENCE. none, nada, zilch…

        Sorry, you’ve lost me. What is a theory?
        Again, please can you tell me whether you believe dinosaurs were once non- carnivorous and co existed with human beings?

      4. Before the fall yes. As where there lions and lambs laying down together. Death entered the world when Adam and Eve fell, and the first animal was killed to provide them with clothing.

      5. Aaah, ( sorry for asking again I did not see this reply. Thanks.

        How would you respond to a devout evangelical Chriatian such as Francis Collins who was instrumental in unraveling the human gene that shows unequivocally that humans did not originate form a single breeding pair and are much much older than your asserted 6000years?

      6. I’d say in 5-10 years technology will evolve that renders his finding erred…as it always does. I again state that I believe on the inerrancy of the Bible.

      7. Out of curiosity have you ever been tested for any minor mental disorders?
        I did note that you admitted having done the whole gamut of sex and sin ( drugs too?) and what-not before finding Jesus.

      8. Actually I have been tested for gifted classes 😁 I am an extremely intelligent lady, offending my smarts rolls off me like water down a ducks back 😉

      9. No offence intended. It was a genuine inquiry.
        So, presuming you arrived at this state of belief as an adult, what actually happened that caused you to fall off the Normal Meter and effectively believe in a Vegetarian T.Rex?

      10. You believe animals were able to live without food for a million years…or did plants come first? And how did plants evolve….you know that whole issue of pollination that requires things like bees….right now we are facing a real issue in the world as our bees are dying out….no bees = no life…so what came first plants or animals. You will paint yourself into a chicken and an egg scenario rather quickly here. Because scientificallyboth are IMPOSSIBLE apart from the other. Both kingdoms depend on each other for survival.

      11. I don’t know because dirt is actually decayed plants an animals…in order for their to be plants…there would have had to be dirt…how do you get dirt…science says plants and animals have to die to create it…so where did it come from. Earth was just a big rock?

      12. Ha. Nothing like seeing the sanctified intellect of the believer! Love the common sense with depth.

      13. Would you like a geology lesson?
        You recently said you were considered quite gifted?
        Regarding your plant pollination scenario would you also like a lesson in paleobiology?

      14. Listen first Darwin said we creeped out of a pond with fresh water…then that was fallible…the pond could stagnate…so he went to the ocean. Back peddle # 1 – ok so in SALT WATER life occurred magically. Do you know why we rub meats with salt ? To preserve them 😁 salt kills organisms. So you are saying that life just sprung forth in a hostile environment without any means to eat, and no way to procreate….this little brainless never existed before thing…created in itself a genetic code that gave it a will to live, a plan to procreate, and a need to find food…all on its own…in an environment that was hostile.

      15. You could send me a link to Grimms Fairy Tales, I’m sure it would be more factual 😂😂😂😂

      16. The Bible is the only Truth I have found in this world. I have tried to find err in it but I cannot. Scriptures that on the surface that look perhaps contradictory when researched with hermeneutics and exegesis and using the original languages and cultural references for that particular historical time, fade away. Other religious writings don’t hold the truth like the Bible…

        Truth is truth.

      17. For me it’s always been there. Even though when I was little my family didn’t attend church…like every once in awhile we would go at Easter…
        Even when I was young, without knowledge of the Bible I was being drawn to God.
        When I was 12 my dad left my mom and me and my sister he kind of just went poof…and I did what a lot of teenage kids do…I smiled pot, skipped school and got involved in some Wicca stuff with the girl down the street…

        I was a very sad little girl. I had thought of suicide….One morning I woke up and a man was sitting on the edge of my bed stroking my hair…I didn’t know him and he said “she’s going to be alright” then he stood up and kind of disappeared out my window.

        Non believers explain this experience differently than I will, and I’m not here to debate the validity of the experience. I know that I was awake when it happened, he was as real as any other person in the flesh and blood.

        I didn’t know at the time that angels in the Bible were all male. If I had been having a dream etc the angel would have been female with wings and a white robe.

        After that I started to pull away from all the junk, reading my bible and getting closer to the Lord. And there have been a million miracles in my life since then…

        The Lord has given me certain gifts- I feel very blessed and he has never let me down. Never has he let me down or left me.

      18. So you were subject to the type of emotional trauma and associated depression etc that a great many (young) people endure, and religious indoctrination was simply another step along the way.
        It is as I suspected.

        I keep hoping that one day I will come across someone who will be able to provide a rational explanation for this sort of belief. To date, I never have.
        The testimonials of those who have managed to break free of crippling religious fundamentalism, including quite a number of professionals, Pastors, Priests Vicars etc, demonstrate the level of corruption involved with religion.
        Sad but true.
        You should read a few stories.
        Try the clergy project.

      19. That’s your perception- and my perception is that the Lord heard me crying at night, and he knew the suicidal thoughts that I had, and he saved me from acting on them and HEALED the emotional trauma my father inflicted. If it wasn’t real…when I read it…how did it take that pain away instantly ?

        They say the proof is in the puddin. What you need to realize is that according to the Bible there are a few reasons why this eludes you. Not to offend you but Jesus comes to us first – he finds us not vice versa…the Holy Spirit quickens our spirit…like the quickening of a child in the womb. Without that…you can’t understand it…but when you have the Holy Spirit a great mystery is revealed to your heart. I will pray for you. Not just a little bit either…I’m going to SATURATE you in prayer.

      20. Trauma results in several types of Psychosis / delusion.
        I am sure a medical professional could explain it to you with ease.

        The biblical character, Jesus the Nazarene is a narrative construct, so your solicitations will merely fall on deaf ears, I’m afraid.
        I really do hope you find a path to reality.
        And please try to stay away from kids while you are like this.

      21. Where did your trauma come from? Sane people don’t go around attacking others or trying to insult their intelligence or sanity. You obviously have some issues as well….

        I mean I wake up and want to love the world and all the beautiful people in it. You wake up without any love…why so grumpy ark?

      22. Not grumpy at all.
        I believe that religion is a major divisive force within humanity and evidence, past and present bears this out.
        It is from such delusional beliefs that millions have been slaughtered and continue to die.
        Direct engagement with religious people on line is generally not seen as a method for making people (such as yourself) reconsider their position. However, people do read along and many are hanging on as it were to the words we both write.
        Almost without exception, people convert for similar reasons and emotional trauma is usually firmly in the mix.
        As such problems can be addressed, deconversion is often a natural by-product.
        Maybe even you will be able to let go of the crippling fundamentalism you adhere to?
        Maybe someone reading along will?

        All this aside, there are always opportunities to learn if one is of a mind to do so, don’t you agree?

      23. I believe it’s important to not be so open minded your brains fall out. Your religion denies a God and says we are all animals…at best this leads to a society of pleasure seeking pain avoiding uncompassionate robots at worse it results in the living law of the jungle, where dominance cruelty aggression and self preservation is rewarded…

        Darwins theory leads down a road that does not include morality. Dominate, procreate, repeat. Hitler would be actually worthy of praise as he must be seen as a champion for his species???? Right????

        This godless world will get it’s just rewards…one day

      24. If this is world that finds millions of people who base their religion on “love thy neighbor as their self” as “the problem” then this world has much bigger issues to address.

      25. Secular humanist societies are all better than religious ones. Without exception,
        Your own particular religion Christianity is one of the worst in human history and its adherents have been responsible for some of the worst genocides in history, including the Native American genocide.

      26. Name one society that has flourished under secular humanism. Christianity is responsible for building up every country that adopts it….I’ll wait…name one.

      27. Christianity is responsible for the genocide of the Native Americans.
        Societies where secular humanism is evident are all better.
        There is no country that is solely secular humanist … yet. Religion is still evident in most.

        Surely you are not suggesting that a country such as Saudia Arabia would not be better under secular humanism?
        But we’ll get there … eventually. 🙂

      28. All countries that reject Christianity embrace communism or socialism. And again you made a brash generalization based on something that doesn’t exist. N. Korea would be a shining example of where secular humanism gets you.

      29. The you have no understanding of secular humanism…

        And Christians were responsible for the largest genocide in human history.
        You have to live with that …

      30. No no sweety governments are 262 million people have been killed in what’s called Deomocide… which is the direct result of your idea…secular humanism. When you have no higher moral law outside of what evil prone man constructs…the law of the jungle thrives. Strong eat weak…262 people have been slaughtered by their own governments in the last century.

      31. Again, you have no understanding of secular humanism.
        Do you not have Google on your laptop?

        And this still does not explain why Christians enacted genocide on the Native Americans.
        Why did they do this do you think?

      32. I don’t know I guess they wanted the land, probably the same evilness that perpetuated slavery, or the crusades…do you think those people were acting as Christ???? Or do you perhaps think they used Christ as an excuse to perpetuate the evil they wanted to do…

        Remember what I said…about truth…Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself. He takes it even farther…love thy enemy….

        What the founding fathers did was not in the spirit of Christ – no more than Catholic priests who molests young boys….

        Gimme a break…even in your heathen state you see these acts as ungodly AS DOES GOD AND THEY WILL PAY FOR THEM.

      33. Oh, they were acting in the name of your god, all right.
        And slavery is sanctioned in the bible and even rules were set.

        No, dear, your religion is as vile as they come.
        You are just too indoctrinated to realise.
        But humans will … one day.
        Your god sanctioned genocide in the bible, so it is perfectly natural that his earthly latter-day minions should continue his work.

        So now that you have had the integrity (I presume) and done a little research on secular humanism you are now able to understand why it stands head and shoulders above all forms of god belief.

      34. You are so ignorant it is pathetic to what is in the Bible. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 in fact your limited knowledge it looks as if you have scraped and pinched together from others who are absolutely ignorant to the contents of the Bible…

        Go back and study why slavery ended in the US…while you are on your stroll through history go back and find St. Patrick…as for the Bible…when you have read it…cover to cover….taken a class in Hermeneutics and exegesis….a couple years of Greek and Hebrew then come talk to me about what the Bible says about certain things….because right now your lack of knowledge on the matter is showing.

      35. Smile. I wonder why so many former Christians deconverted, Tamara? Especially paid up professional ministers, pastors and vicars?
        Do you think it might be because they woke up and were actually revolted by the lies they were indoctrinated with?

        Do you by chance know the scientific reason why carnivorous dinosaurs such as Allosaurus and Tyrannosaurus actually changed from being herbivores?
        And why were there already herbivorous dinosaurs such as Brachiosaurus and Triceratops and why they did not become meat eaters as well?

        So, were you among those who made formal apology to the Native Americans for the genocide?

      36. Well biblically speaking narrow is the path. And you represent a very small percentage of people by the way. 70% of the US is Christian. Don’t get yourself excited by your limited world view or circle of friends….

        I don’t know why some fall away, perhaps read the Parable of The Sower…in it Christ tells us that only 25% of the seed sewn bares fruit…the rest gets plucked up, is on shallow ground or gets choked out…

        Scientists now are saying dinosaurs were covered in feathers and were like gigantic chickens…how will you deal with that 😂😂😂😂😂

        I don’t have these problems you have. I wake up and praise God for a brand new day ❤️ he shelters me through the day…and speaks to me through his word. You can’t understand how REAL he is or how real our relationship is. He is my father, my best friend, without him…idk where I would be – probably I would have killed myself before 18….

        You on the other hand what a life…you play Internet psychologist to random strangers which is a form of mental illness in itself…

        And worry about animals that are long dead and what they ate…because that effects you how????

        I again…love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and really think about it…anyone that knows him is willing to die for their beliefs. Those that actually walked with him were all martyred…except John….and I guess it’s true it’s not what you live for that defines you…it’s what you are willing to die for.

        Which I doubt is much for you.

      37. Yes 70% of the USA is Christian. So what?
        Muslims are likely going to outnumber Christians in the not too distant future.
        And there are other world religions such Hinduism , Buddhism, Jainism etc etc.
        And its worthwhile remembering there are over 30,000 separate Christian cults.
        Are all but yours going to burn in hell?

        Once you understand the bible then you will realise how untenable your position is.
        And those that finally did /do understand it deconvert and are all better human beings for it.

        It is unfortunate and a little sad how you personify all that is come to be known as bad in Christianity.
        Judgmental, intolerant and ignorant.
        Much like those who decimated the Native Americans, instituted slavery and Apartheid, burned witches and supposed heretics , slaughtered each other in internecine wars, exterminated the Cathars, embarked on civil wars such as in Northern Ireland.

        Yes, you have a lot to be proud of I’m sure, but your religion is not one of those things.

        I think it would be quite interesting if dinosaurs were ”covered in feathers”.

        How you still believe they are only 6000 years old is still baffling.

        I wonder if you are familiar with the Time Temperature Index?
        You should research it. Fascinating.
        It might enlighten you as to why there are no (as far as I am aware ) YEC geologists working for major oil companies.

        By the way, what do think the character Jesus the Nazarene saved you from ?

      38. Boy that name gets you fired up doesn’t it….Jesus Christ. There is but one God, one way, one truth ❤️ all of these others have been around but only one will remain….want to say it again and see if it goes down easier…Jesus Christ Son of God, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Genesis 3:15 and Revelation 20:10 are probably your favoriiitteee verses ✝️

      39. Why would a name get me riled up?
        I even use it from time to time.
        There are lots of gods. Yours’ is no more real or special than any other.
        Did you research the T.T.I. already?
        What do you think?

      40. I wrote your name down on a piece of paper, I’m on my way to church in about five minutes, when the alter is open I am going to saturate you in prayer tonight….I pray The Holy Spirit starts working on your heart…and the scales are removed from your eyes….I’m going to lift you up to the Lord 🙏🏻 Be blessed ❤️

      41. And I shall get down on my knees to an image of Darwin, a quarter-size blow-up doll of a Tyrannosaurus Rex munching on a naked Madame Tussauds wax model of Ken Ham.
        I shall then smoke a joint rolled out of paper from the Gospel of St Mark and listen to Sympathy for The Devil on my old record player backwards.
        It will probably have about the same effect as saturating yourself in prayer.
        Have fun!

      42. Revelation 20:10 – IT IS WRITTEN. Can you even bring yourself to say this Jesus Christ is the Son of God ?

      43. I prefer to read the accounts of such men as Saul of Tarsus, whose life, dedication, pedigree, intellect, as a student of law, science, and faith………and how he made a literal about face, whose example was simply one of verifiable millions over time, when faced with the blistering truth of God and scripture, which as Tamara pointed out, is all of truth. (and oh, then there are his epistles…………speaking of the first Adam, and the last Adam, speaking of covenants, law and its purpose, grace and its life, adoption, creation, holiness, like no other human being………yeah, he is a real slacker)

        Truth has no competitors, and does not care if there be trauma, and in my case there was none. So here you go, you have met one person who has not had trauma to induce the truth of scripture.

        Truth be told though, you personally, because of your past, and your own disappointments and finger pointing at Christians and God, (such as you are doing here now) are engaged in mental trauma, for you will at every cost and opportunity try to steal faith from good people, and try to discredit God and His word.

        Good luck with that, for God has never lost an argument to ants.

      44. CS – I LOVE PAUL! And yes perfect example! I pray for Ark to become a Paul. He who once persecuted Christians and bashed their belief to have his “own encounter on the road to Demascus” so to
        speak. – PERFECT ANALOGY.


      45. Maybe you can prove to us unlearned ones who lack knowledge in ‘true science………’ that the scent of the lily of the valley exists……….

        Go ahead prove it. Prove that the soul of the flower exists. Careful now that you do not engage faith.

        And oh, your little gods? I have told you on countless occasions that collectively they can neither count to three nor tie their shoes.

        But there is One………who created the foot……..and gave you a mind to understand arithmetic………..

        Ps. I have way too many of your clocks I have cleaned in my basement, and am running out of room………

      46. The gates of hell shall not prevail ❤️ because to get rid of the darkness…all you gotta do is flip the light on 👍 light drives out darkness 100% of the time. Spiritual and scientific fact!

      47. As a bow hunter, I appreciate the transition from dark to dawn, and the nightlife taking a hike, and giving way to the light.

        Pure science. lol

      48. Ahhhh the still of the early morning woods…
        There is a place many of us have our best conversations with God ❤️

      49. Hey T,

        Ask the cement stone hatted fella which came first the human brain or the skull.and watch the weaseling needed to answer……….keeping in mind godless evolution. lol

      50. The more you learn about the perfection of our design…down to the tiniest parts of us…it is all pointing to intelligent design. I don’t know who could deny that….

        As one man put it evolution is believing a tornado can hit a junkyard and spit out a perfectly operational Boeing 747

      51. And if plants crept out of the ocean say evolving from algae or fungus or whatever you say…without animals on land to eat their seeds and spread them by pooping them out elsewhere (aka birds) …. some pollination can occur via wind…but we are saying plant species ex evolved from algae or whatever….this is is just absurd…because the plant and animal kingdoms are married. Can’t have one without the other. Without plants where did the oxygen come from for animals to breath? I’m sorry but the biblical portrait that life was pretty much instantaneous and cohesive with all things required for life being created in unison makes much more sense to me.

  9. Wow. That’s a lot of dialog and I have better things to do than to read it all.

    @Arkenaten – Since you seem fond of asking the same questions repeatedly, I’ll bite:

    * I believe that a variety of dinosaurs existed many years ago in plant- and animal-eating types. For a while, they reasonably ruled the earth.
    * I believe that the generally-accepted written history of the world is woefully shallow from the dimension of time. Really cool things happened here exceedingly beyond the span of the last hundred thousand years.
    * I believe that our sun is the second sun (version two) in the current location that we consider our solar system. The first—mostly hydrogen/helium—sun exploded in a supernova and our sun eventually coalesced into the one we see now.
    * I believe that our universe is roughly 15 billion years old.
    * I believe that our current sun is roughly 4-1/2 billion years old which is about the same as Earth’s age. But honestly, a smaller version of Earth existed before this (gradually coalescing in size) and grew larger so even scientists are a little confused on this one, I’d guess.
    * I’ve seen photos of what appear to be human-like footprints alongside what are clearly dinosaur footprints at the same level. It suggests that something man-like coexisted during a period which included dinosaurs. I would guess that some Dinotopia-like idea is just fantasy on someone’s part. I have personally driven a thousand miles here in the states visiting interesting archeological sites, btw.
    * I believe in both natural evolution and genetic engineering as well. In fact, as a programmer I believe there have been long-term projects to “program” not only the human genome but that of countless species. One can actually believe in both a designed species and evolution simultaneously. Neither idea completely describes reality alone.
    * The difficult part then is when you or someone else tries to identify who it was who programmed the human genome. When you try to “name the players”, you’re getting into the hottest part of the debate.
    * I have read accounts of archeological findings from old newspapers and periodicals which seem inconvenient to the status quo of easy-to-follow science and have therefore been ridiculed and removed from our accepted history. It’s important for science—should it continued to be seen as scientific—to not filter out non-conforming evidence. This is one of my major irritations with academics, especially in the areas of archeology, paleontology and anthropology.

    1. The Paluxy trail has been shown to be fraudulent, if this is what you are referring to.
      If so, you might want to correct this errant belief before we even consider discussing any of your other assertions.

      1. Your WHOLE base is errant outsourced has an extremely valid stance. Many creationists believe as he does in an old earth, it’s the basis that, the earth was created by a Supreme Intelligence that is God that matters…because Biblically it later says that a thousand years is as a day and a day is as a thousand years to the Lord…

        Time is irrelevant to God I believe or our understanding of it is different than Gods.

      2. I was just highlighting the point of the fraudulent Paluxy dino trail. I don’t know if this is what he’s on about.
        I’ll wait ’til he comes back with a reply.

      3. See what you’re doing there? You deny something that could be considered as evidence since it doesn’t already agree with what you “believe”. Belief has little place in science. You have a belief system and you’re being dogmatic about it. Oh, the sweet irony of it all.

        Try visiting the system of caves on the north face of the Grand Canyon. Oh, that’s right, you can’t since they’re off-limits. What was found in those caves was similarly inconvenient. And, given the popular naming convention of features in the area, similarly ironic.

  10. Since you’re into psychoanalysis Arkenaten, I’m going to guess that you’re from some place like the Bible belt, that you felt oppressed by religious people growing up, that you went on to college or “the big city” somewhere and you dislike your parents and where you grew up SO much that you felt the need to disassociate completely with everything about them.

    There’s usually some cause for disliking one’s parents so much that you then feel some obsessive need like this to haunt the Internet… let me think about this for a bit. Why do you dislike your parents?

    If you peel back the layers of the onion of subterfuge you usually find the root cause of behavior like this. Were you a victim? And now, you feel the need to “protect children” out there somewhere…? I wonder what Freud would make of you.

    1. Are you honestly suggesting you do nor accept the evidence that the Paluxy dinosaur /human footprint trail was a hoax?
      I’d like to get this cleared up before we proceed.

      1. “Berean Human FootprintsPerhaps the most intriguing such fossil footprint report was that made by the head of department at Berea college in Kentucky of a human-like track left in sandstone of the Upper Carboniferous Period. Numerous scientists have investigated these tracks and concluded that they are genuine (even going so far as to count the sand grains under magnification to ensure that it was compressed at the bottom rather than carved). In Scientific American, geologist Albert G. Ingalls writes, “If man, or even his ape ancestors, or even that ape ancestor’s early mammalian ancestor, existed as far back as the Carboniferous Period in any shape, then the whole science of geology is so completely wrong that all the geologists will resign their jobs and take up truck driving. Hence, for the present at least, science rejects the attractive explanation that man made these mysterious prints in the mud of the Carboniferous with his feet.” Ingalls suggested that they were made by some unidentified amphibian. But a human-sized Carboniferous amphibian is just about as problematic for evolutionary timetables as humans in that era!

        However, in an attempt to dismiss these tracks, the Scientific American article did not include the real photos in their article, instead showing some pretty obvious fakes (probably Indian carvings) and not the actual prints, which they had access to. (Credit for the picture to the right belongs to creationist researcher Ian Juby.) This is because, as evolutionary atheist Richard Dawkins observed, authenticated evidence of humans in the Carboniferous would “blow the theory of evolution out of the water.” (Dawkins, Free Inquiry, vol. 21, no. 4, 2001.)”

      2. Smile. Try reading a scientific peer reviewed article on this.
        Truly this is so silly.
        However , the recent discovery in Crete is interesting, but this goes back around 5 million year sand that would upset your YEC timeline I’m afraid.

      3. As guru stated…you only accept what supports your ideology…I thought science was supposed to be based on fact not feeling. Not all facts are weighed the same for you…

        Do you have a job???? Because I have better things to do than this all day and I’m tired of scrolling downward. I’m done. Outtie bye bye

      4. I didn’t say that the photos in question were the ones to which you referred and note that I didn’t begin that sentence above with “I believe…” I stated that I observed something and then I used the phrase “it suggests…” As I recall, this is the proper way to state something without suggesting that it’s either “gospel” or “scientific fact”. Am I right? By properly qualifying statements like this, one attempts to remove the idea that something could be no other way.

        That said, I noticed that you haven’t addressed the reason why you came to this blog and why you’re attacking someone on the Internet. I’ve suggested that you possibly suffered as a child and are the victim of sexual abuse by someone who would have been a trusted member of a church, perhaps. This would explain why you’ve used statements of concern about the blog-author’s access to children, for example. This would explain the adamant way in which you’ve posted so many replies here that you look like you’re borderline insane, for want of a better description. Try re-reading all your posts here. You seem to be deriving some sort of pleasure from this badgering behavior and it stems from your own psychological baggage.

        “It’s not my fault that I was abused.”
        “Bad things happened and yet I shouldn’t attach any emotion to that.”
        “It’s time I move on and be more productive with my life.”

        Try saying things like that until you feel better. Myself, I just finished printing a 3D part to upgrade my printer. Try to be a little more productive with your day. This thing you’re doing isn’t helping you get better.

      5. I didn’t say they were either. I asked if these were the ones you were referring to.
        So where they?

        And are you a Christian by any chance?
        And why did you come to this blog?
        You sound like you may be indulging in a little projection there?
        That is not generally considered healthy.

  11. I see you’ve avoided my question again. Normally, in polite society, if one person asks a question, the next person doesn’t get to ignore it and then ask their own. So, you’re being impolite here when you do that. Now granted, you’re usually the one who’s playing the troll and baiting these people and I note that they didn’t quickly reply about veggie-dinosaurs. So perhaps you’re confused by the rules of polite engagement.

    I’ve just read your own blog and I’m getting a sense perhaps at your motivations. From what I’m gathering, you’re writing a book (haven’t finished it because you’re not that productive), blogging (because it’s easier than finishing the book), and mainly just trolling for things to write about in your blog when you’re not baking cakes.

    Btw, I’m so glad you BELIEVE in the Apollo 11 mission, noting of course that you weren’t there to actually observe it, that you trust one group of people who state that it actually took place and you don’t trust the other group of people who suggest that they faked it.

    Do me a favor and closely look for the many problems in this Nasa-provided photo. The first that catches my eye is how very clean the gold foil–wrapped landing feet are. Now do the math on the thrust required to land this on the moon. If it actually had happened then everything would be covered in dust and the lander would be sitting in a small crater (imagine a helicopter trying to land in flour). Look directly below the thruster. There’s no crater, is there?

    Now realize that you were lied to. See how easy that is? Now that’s science being used as a tool. Forget that there are no stars seen in the background. If you were a decent person, you’d realize that you have a belief system in things out there in the world beyond religion and you don’t want to believe that you do.

    1. First I will say – that was brilliant Guru. Secondly I will say that Arkenaten is like most of the others I have encountered, screaming about how unintelligent we are and how gullible yet they have bought the real lie – hook, line and sinker…

      I just pray for them, they do not think for themselves or outside the public education/indoctrination box.

    2. Your presumptions are wonderful, especially those about little old moi! I do so enjoy a creative mind.
      And thanks for popping over to read my blog.

      So are you a Christian?

      1. To answer your question in a round-about way, Ark, my name is Michael. There are a few interpretations of the name’s meaning but one of them is something like “he who is like Christ”. I really like my name. It gives me a concise instruction manual, if you will, for how to behave on any given day.

        Here in San Diego, we enjoy sunny/beautiful weather and a natural result of this is that our city is host to a generous collection of homeless people. Today when I go out walking down Park Blvd I’ll see a long procession of them, I’m sure. And even though I lost my job (pharmaceutical CMO) two weeks ago, I’m sure I’ll still give out $5 bills to them because you really get a smile from someone hungry when in one bill you’ve just fed them. They won’t have to wait an hour, two hours… in order to get something hot to fill their stomach. Possibly more important than the money, though, is that I look them in the eye and I make them understand from my facial expression that I understand them. No judgements, no anger, no fear, no loathing… just pure, uncomplicated acceptance.

        As a former member of Mensa, I have a keen mind and I use it for problem solving. The first problem, of course, was removing myself from the rural South (which of course I did). Raised as a Christian by fiat, becoming an atheist for twenty years and then developing, basically, a “theory of everything” allowed me to see the bigger picture. I won’t share with you what that is but I can then answer “yes” to your question, albeit in an unexpected fashion.

        But remember, you don’t have to believe like anyone/everyone else does. Imagine jumping into a time machine and dialing things up for 1000 years from now. Then, I’m sure the equivalent of a history book would laugh at what we believed back in 2017 from our relative ignorance. Just because most people believe something, that doesn’t define reality (only our perception of it). Your beliefs are personal—own them. And for crying out loud, try to find something that makes you happy.

  12. :laugh: A very long “yes”, then. Zoom in on the Nasa photo between the bluish orb and the astronaut’s feet to see some obvious Photoshop’ing (but in the day, was air-brushing or even brute-force cut/paste). Look for the vertical line where someone has made a hack to replace something in the foil area.

    1. A former member of Mensa and now a Christian? So, what happened? Sex drugs rock n’ roll?

      Why don’t you at least try to educate your fellow ”indoctrinatees” regarding the age of the earth etc?

  13. I only engaged here in the conversation/debate since your tactics seemed a bit mean to me. The blog-author here seems nice and it didn’t feel fair with the approach you were using.

    Why don’t I “educate”…? As I indicated before, beliefs are personal. At best, you can share them when asked to do so. I wouldn’t say that I proselytize anything I believe since people are sheep-like to me. And by that I mean that a shepherd could literally chase a sheep in the desert with a bucket of water and it would run from him. The shepherd means well. The sheep is reacting in an expected way if you think about it. Perhaps the shepherd needs to sit down with the bucket and exercise some patience.

    My last name is an old Scottish surname for shepherd, btw.

    1. You think I am more mean than our host condemning people to a fiery hell for eternity?
      More mean than Torquemada?
      Yes, beliefs are personal but when you take those beliefs into the market place and preach it baby then you are facing a shit-storm if you cannot at least back up those claims, especially if they are supernatural, and Christians ( or any religious person) cannot back a single foundational claim. Not one.
      So, yeah, believe what you like, but extend the same courtesy to others.
      And in case you might be tempted to offer a blistering retort. Consider the, title of the post.

      That said, as one who operates to a large extent on faith in a Savior ( what ever this really means) don’t you believe the right thing to do is at least teach these poor ignoramuses the scientific truth about the geology of the earth and put your Mensa quals to some use to further enlighten members of the Ken Ham Fan Club?

      1. Yes, you were mean and at times, impolite. You have some reason to come here. If it’s to change the way others think then why would you be mean about it? Wouldn’t it be more effective to try to coax them toward what you believe is the truth without poking verbal sticks at them?

        I couldn’t tell you whether or not the blog-author here preaches “fiery hell for eternity” because I don’t have the time to read most people’s blogs, to be honest. I do need to wash dishes and other such manly tasks in my average day. I’d google “Torquemada” but I’m not sure if it’s worth the effort.

        Okay, so our blog-author “takes it to the marketplace” which presumably means the Internet here. Is the natural outcome supposed to be a shit-storm? Personally, I take a more Buddhist approach to things outside of my control: don’t attach emotion to it. You’re not doing that, you’re attaching anger/outrage to what she says. You’re causing your own suffering here, if you believe in such things.

        I myself started a book perhaps a year ago with some vague idea of teaching what I know (or my perception anyway of what I think I know). I just don’t think anyone is ready for it and it won’t be published. Sometimes knowledge just is and it doesn’t have to be leveraged through others or spread to the far corners of the planet. I take comfort in my knowledge but I somehow don’t feel the necessity to unburden others; that’s your job to find your own way and to figure out what it is that you believe.

      2. I couldn’t tell you whether or not the blog-author here preaches “fiery hell for eternity”

        She a biblical inerrantist and YEC so what do you think? Didn’t you used to belong to Mensa?

        You have some reason to come here

        This is a YEC blog and the post is taking pot shots at atheists.I did say look at the title, didn’t I?
        So yes, that’s the reason I popped over.

        Your reason appeared to be to simply have a go at me?
        Not that I am bothered by that, but now when asked to put your self-proclaimed high-end educational talents to good use for the betterment of your fellow god- botherer you hand-wave and seem to prevaricate.

        And why the self-deprecating whine about doing the dishes?
        You eat from the plates don’t you?

        Does it hurt your ego to wash a plate or two?
        Good grief!

        You are a Christian and you don’t know who Torquemada was?
        maybe Mensa could find it in their hearts to refund your membership fee?

      3. Why do you feel the need to constantly attack people’s intelligence? Do you base your self worth on that? There will always be someone smarter, prettier, and more capable…learn to be ok with that. Putting people down doesn’t say anything about them, but a lot about you. I will continue to pray for you Dame. Lots of love and a great big hug because you need more love in your life ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  14. Why do you feel the need to constantly attack people’s intelligence?

    Well, firstly, whether you accept it or not you are attacking my intelligence with this post.
    Try to think for one second how I feel reading a blog post titled: The Religion of Non-Reason Reason : Atheism.
    Do you for one second consider it is designed to encourage warmth and friendly interaction?
    Am I remotely likely to be thinking: Yes, I must find out why Jesus lives me from Tamara?


    In your case, because you insist on teaching/preaching your YEC worldview to others, however obliquely that may be, and specifically that non-acceptance of you Christian beliefs will result in spending eternity burning in Hell.

    Therefore attacking this view ( as you have flat out demonstrated you are not open to reason or evidence ) will hopefully spark some critical thought among one or two people reading along. And if one of those people sits back and thinks:
    ”Maybe the earth is older than 6000 years and perhaps Ark has a very good point about dinosaurs” then maybe that person will go and read a book and pass on what they learn to their children.
    And that would make me smile.

    As for ”Guru”. He is punting conspiracy theories and was once a member of Mensa which suggests he should know better than to go after me and let silly people get away with saying Mormons are going to hell and dinosaurs were all cute and friendly until Adam and Eve were naughty and disobeyed Yahweh.

    1. I qualify for Mensa yet I never have applied. I’m sorry if you feel attacked, I will continue to pray for you, and you are always welcome to share your opinions on my blog. I welcome your ideas and feelings, although I may not share them I can by all means agree to disagree. Being right or being kind? Which is of more value?

      1. I don’t know. It seems that you are always trying to be right.
        And do you think I feel an ounce of respect that you would tell me over and over that you are going to pray for me?
        That is insulting, quite frankly.
        All it does is annoy the Gehenna out of an atheist and makes you look egotistical.
        If you had an ounce of humility or repsect for my position, yet still wanted to pray,you would say nothing, but go and do it quietly in your own time and not make a big song and dance about it.

        How does that sound?

  15. You said this earlier and it is worth highlighting:

    ~I’d say in 5-10 years technology will evolve that renders his finding erred…as it always does. I again state that I believe on the inerrancy of the Bible.~

    I have said the same thing in times past. The so called dismissers of the first man named Adam, who btw, was proven by verifiable genealogies, will admit their ‘errors,’ thus proving God’s word is always true, and shuts the mouths of all false science.

    1. You and I both know this, this IS GODS WORD, it is inerrant – it has explained beautifully how we got here and why. Science will never refute it, it only will testify to it as our limited capabilities evolve, the “intellectuals” so to speak are going to have their minds blown away by the magnitude of Gods creation. His perfection is unfathomable for the limited human mind. I’ve said it’s like trying to fit the ocean in a cheaply dime store water balloon…it would surely burst our weak minds to be filled with such understanding.

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