God’s Perfect Provision

God created the stars he used to illustrate his blessing upon Abraham and his descendants, long before he created Abraham. He created the Land of Egypt from which he freed his people, the wilderness in which they wandered, and the Promised Land they finally claimed. He created the Red Sea and Mount Sinai long before he created the man to cross through it or climb it. And before all that he created the reeds Moses mother wove together to save her babies life and the water that carried him to Pharoahs daughter.

He created the rock that struck Goliath long before he ever created David’s hand to sling it. He created the caves David hid in and contemplated the Psalms. He created the Papyrus and the ink David needed to record those beautiful verses.

He created the material that became Christ’s swaddling clothes and the hay on which he laid and the womb in which he grew. Long before Christ ever breathed his first breath here on earth, God created a tree that would become the cross he would hang from.He created the or and metal that came together to create the nails that pinned him to it, the cow who’s hide became the flog that scourged his skin, the rock he prayed over in Gethsemane. And when God created the Golgotha he knew what would happen there…

He created the linen that wrapped Christs bloody beaten body, the rock cave that became his tomb and the rock that was rolled away…

God is a God of provision, Divine wisdom, the Bible says “his thoughts are higher than our thoughts his ways are higher than our ways”. There is no such thing as coincidences in this world. Everything is divinely orchestrated, predestined and provisioned for. The fact you have a problem guarantees God has already created the solution.

God knew you would need redemption, so in the Garden of Eden he began a tree that would become the great, great, great, great grandmother of the tree that became the cross. Every year it’s seeds would drop and create new trees until the time came for one to be chopped down and fashioned into a cross. As that tree reproduced so did the man that God made, until one day the seed that God Promised in Genesis 3:15, came to meet that predestined tree and the greatest act of provision came to be…

God made the way for you to be eternally reconciled to him. He secured your adoption and granted mankind the greatest gift ever given…salvation.

You are alive in 2018 reading this post that God prompted me to write. He created that tree, and He hung upon it, so that today as you read this He can take you into eternity with Him and give you the gift of salvation. There are no coincidences only God’s provision, the Bible says “he knew us before he formed us in the womb”. You are an important part of God’s plan. I urge you to give your heart to Jesus Christ today and enjoy a new life in Christ this New Year.

3 thoughts on “God’s Perfect Provision

  1. ” I urge you to give your heart to Jesus Christ today and enjoy a new life in Christ this New Year.”

    Amen! Happy New Year! I’m trusting in the Lord this year, knowing that what ever comes my way He is already right there is the midst of it, looking out for me.

  2. “He created the linen that wrapped…..Christs bloody beaten body.” / …at that point along the way of reading your well written, spirit nourishing post – something inside of me cringed, for sure. Let us work out our salvation w/ fear n trembling as we freely move forward in His amazing grace, amen. God be w us all. Shalom Tamara to you n yours, all.

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