Learning To Float….

Do you ever feel like you are drowning in life? Do you ever feel like someone snuck up behind you and kicked you into the deep end of the pool of life and you have no idea how to swim? Perhaps feeling like flailing and thrashing around are your only chance to survive, desperately trying to keep your head above the surface of life’s often overwhelming troubles. Is this you?

Embarrassingly, this is me all to often.

I learned a little trick from actual swimming that all of us who know how to swim will recognize. To survive, one must just float. Stop thrashing around and relax…let your arms and legs gently lay outstretched and buoyant…feeling your chest rise in and out of the water each time your lungs fill with air…the sounds of the world muted out as your ears rest just under the surface…peacefully suspended…and completely safe from drowning.

Sometimes it’s not what we do, it’s what we don’t do that matters.

In the ancient biblical times the sea was referred to as “the abyss”. It was thought to hold all sorts of dark and sinister secrets. It was a scary place, full of legends and lore. Isn’t life like that sometimes? How many of our fears are real versus how many are imagined? Sometimes it does feel like life is drowning us, things like overdue bills, illnesses, losses of family members or jobs, can just hit us like a wave that sucks us under to “the abyss”. Our first response is often to freak out and try to thrash our way to safety, gulping for air here and there, as our head intermittently bobs above the surface. It can be scary, and you may not be able to imagine how you will survive, but you will.

God in his infinite love and wisdom gave us a very short and very powerful remedy that works for physical, emotional or spiritual drownings…

Be still, and know that I am God…Psalms‬ ‭46:10‬ ‭

How simple. How perfect. How powerful. 8 little words that serve as a life savor to pull you back to the safety and grace of God’s sovereignty. I can imagine him saying “Be still, there is no need to thrash about, I’ve got you because I am God and nothing is more powerful than me. Relax my child, you are safe.” Just like in water, being still and knowing that you will be safe in Gods hands, will keep you afloat on top of life’s troubled waters.

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6 thoughts on “Learning To Float….

  1. its me, tony,…sayin’ thank you for your gift of writing. Jesus sweet Jesus…nothing can separate us from the Love of Christ*,…free indeed! blessings……..

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