Your Mind Matters To God

Studies prove that as people are presented with the actual facts about mental illness and they learn these illnesses arise from actual biological factors, their acceptance of these afflictions as an actual illness outside of the sufferers control rises, and they lose prior preconceived stigmas.

There has been an archaic belief within the faith community that holds certain illnesses as more of a spiritual affliction than an actual physiological illness. These claims are based on ignorance and are dangerous when perpetuated as fact.

Your brain is an organ, it can malfunction just as any other organ, and when it does so, it can effect your behavior, mood, and over all wellbeing with an impact that can effect your entire life.

You should feel secure that Jesus Christ is a healer and prayer is of course a huge part of your treatment! But the Lord can also work through doctors and modern medicine as well. Jesus wants you to be well and he will use many different means to make you well. Never be ashamed of seeking professional help for any mental health issues. Depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, or any other form of psychiatric crisis needs the same attention a heart attack, diabetes, or migraines may require! Can you imagine telling someone with a migraine headache “it’s all in your head” or “just get over it!” Never. America is waking up, these are real illnesses and you are not displaying little faith by taking medications or visiting a psychiatrist.

I pray this helped someone. The Lord wants you well in your mind, body and soul.

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6 thoughts on “Your Mind Matters To God

  1. Great post, Tamara. Sometimes, we just need to trust in God and know that He will use anything to make sure that we are better than we once were when we are sick. Jesus is our Healer and we should be willing to turn to Him as well as medicine and doctors.

    1. Last month my son Jacob had a peritonsilar abscess that’s a big word for a sore in my sons tonsil. It swelled up to the point of being Life threatening. I didn’t think twice about taking him to the doctor, or having him admitted to the children’s hospital. They were weighing whether surgery was necessary or if it just needed antibiotics…either way it would have completely understandable to do either if need be. Because we accept physical illnesses but when it comes to mental illnesses we feel like somehow doctors or medicine are taboo. Which is ridiculous.

      1. I agree. When it comes down to mental illnesses, we seem to disregard doctora and medicine and think that the person will just get better on their own. But they can’t, not without the proper medication and support from friends and family.

      2. That’s exactly right. It’s sad that so many suffer needlessly only because they fear others reactions to their illnesses.

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