Broken Minds Broken Rights : Civil Rights Abuses Of The Seriously Mentally Ill In The USA

Inmates have choked to death on their own feces, been boiled to death in showers, and strapped to chairs for days at a time resulting in atrocious deaths, not at the hands of other inmates, but those entrusted with their care. They are often left naked, unmedicated and in solitary confinement for sometimes years. This mess called a mental health system violates a few constitutional rights regularly.

Schizophrenia : Demon, Devil or Disease? An Evangelical Perspective

There are approximately 51 million people world wide that live with the brain disease schizophrenia. All schizophrenia is classified as a serious mental illness according to the NIMH. Schizophrenia is twice as prevalent in the US as Alzheimer's, yet so little is spoken about its effect on those living with it, it remains shrouded in … Continue reading Schizophrenia : Demon, Devil or Disease? An Evangelical Perspective

The Meaning of Life 

The entire world - and all that is in it - is a living breathing sign that points to the Glory of God and the need for salvation and reconciliation to Him through Christ Jesus. Every experience, situation, every second of everyday, you are looking at something or experiencing something that points you towards the … Continue reading The Meaning of Life 

The Glory of God : Poem of Praise

In my daughters innocent smile, I often lose myself for a little while. In the setting sun, when the day is done, I cast my stare at heavens glare and pause as I see The Glory of God surrounding me. His beauty veiled in stark humility, shown in the delicate fuzz of a bumble bee. … Continue reading The Glory of God : Poem of Praise