The Glory of God : Poem of Praise

In my daughters innocent smile,
I often lose myself for a little while.
In the setting sun,
when the day is done,
I cast my stare
at heavens glare
and pause as I see
The Glory of God surrounding me.
His beauty veiled in stark humility,
shown in the delicate fuzz of a bumble bee.
His grace and power sail across the sky,
on the wings of eagles as they fly.
I hear the resounding harmony of His love
In the gentle coo of the turtle dove.
The rains they come and they go,
fading from cold wet drops to pristine snow.
The earth turns green, yellow, brown, and white
then the day fades into a starry, starry night.
That I could never paint as well,
or find the words that could tell
The absolute splendor that is all around
No means to translate the beauty that I found
So He lovingly created me eyes that could see,
The Glory of God that is surrounding me.

By Tamara Dalrymple Author of The Way Online Blog
© All Rights Reserved

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