Audio Library of Classic Christian Sermons And Complete KJV Audio Bible

I have created several playlists that showcase some of the greatest sermons ever preached by some of the greatest men of God in history. Each playlist is dedicated to that particular Preacher or Evangelist; A.W Tozer, Charles Spurgeon, John Wesley, Oswald Chambers, George Whitefield & Leonard Ravenhill to name a few. These are timeless truths that I hope you will enjoy. These sermons were given from the 1700’s to the 1990’s and are all classics.  

I also have included the complete King James Version of the Bible in audio format for anyone who likes to listen to the Bible being read. Professionally recorded and absolutely free to enjoy!

Click Here to Visit The Way Online YouTube Classic Sermons Collection 

7 thoughts on “Audio Library of Classic Christian Sermons And Complete KJV Audio Bible

  1. Hey Tamara! This channel looks like a wonderful resource. I for one have spent many hours listening to Spurgeon sermons on YouTube and would like to investigate the other preachers on the playlists.

    I want to subscribe but am wondering whether there are any copyright issues with using this content in this way? Is this something that you thought about? I guess it’s the people who uploaded the content who would get into trouble if there were copyright issues, rather than you, because you’re just creating playlists rather than uploading content. Am I correct?

    Thank you and I apologise for my concerns, just trying to keep a clear conscience!

    God bless you! Steven

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    1. I am sharing content that has been uploaded by other parties. I listened to a couple sermons yesterday and they are protected under an open license… I don’t believe any of the files in the playlists I shared are infringing on copyright laws. Several of the recordings are professionally produced, in this world anything is possible, but I do believe all of these are safe some of gen have been on YouTube for several years and YouTube is pretty swift in removing anything that invades others copyrights.

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