Take A Praycation 

This past week I took a personal praycation to seek God’s will in several areas of my life and wow it has been rejuvenating. I cannot emphasize this enough, the world does its absolute best to distract us from the truth of who we are in Christ. I needed a few days to just draw near to the Lord, to pray and fast for answers…and I praise God it’s been more refreshing than hitting a five star hotel in the islands. God is so good to me!

Distraction, be it even responsible distraction, is never beneficial. It is so fundamental to our joy to stay plugged into that presence of God in our lives. I wake up everyday and spend time in Gods Word, I spend hours everyday learning about Christianity and The Word of God, I attend church and I STILL need more of the good stuff, the intimate stuff, true worship !!!!! Because even when we are busy about God’s business it doesn’t mean we are busy about getting closer to God! Distraction is distraction! So I took a few days to cleanse my schedule, to focus my energy into worshipping the Lord, and spending time in his presence just for the sheer pleasure and rejuvenating awesomeness of being with him.

If you feel worn out or tired…if you are drowning in stress…or feeling like you might choke on what you have bit off because it’s a lot to chew…TAKE A PRAYCATION! Cut your list of to-dos down to what’s most important – SPEND TIME WORSHIPPING THE LORD! Seek ye first the Kingdom of God! Amen! 

We all have responsibilities but I urge you to never feel as if it’s a bad thing to scratch all of them to spend time doing what your soul craves, drinking of the Lord, refreshing our deepest most parched areas in the living waters of Jesus Christ! Remember the parable of Mary & Martha – one was too busy worrying about all the other to-dos and the other recognized there was only one real to-do – WORSHIP JESUS!  (Luke 10:38–42)

I feel so much better, stronger, more focused and energized! My Praycation has been a success! God bless you all ❤️

10 thoughts on “Take A Praycation 

    1. He always attacks after a victory…or when he feels you are about to have a breakthrough for the Kingdom…PRAYER UP! Seek God with all you got. That’s what I do with him when he attacks, I say oh yeah well this only pushes me TOWARDS God not away. The devil wants it to drive a wedge between you and God, don’t give him the satisfaction, dig deeper, draw closer and let his plan blow up in his face! God is FAITHFUL!!!!

  1. Good stuff, just what I needed to read. I’m glad you took the time out and got what you needed, pretty important stuff if we are going to be effective disciples. Will be giving that a shot for sure!

  2. Amen! I am so happy to hear the Spirit has refueled you, and encouraged you. I’ve noticed the more time I give to Him, He answers back in some of the extraordinary ways. Or…maybe His Spirit has allowed me to hear Him more, instead of shutting Him out because I’ve been distracted. 🙂 ❤

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