Hugh Hefner, Stephen Paddock & Me

Hugh Hefner passed away recently. I remember feeling a sense of terrible sadness for him. I couldn’t stand the life he lived, or the abuse it condoned upon women, but I felt a sense of sadness for his soul. I know that if Hugh did not repent before passing he is now in hell. He lived a life that those in the carnal secular world dream of. Money, sexual immorality, popularity and fame but at the end of the day when death came calling I can only feel sorrow for his waste of life and talents. If he died in his sins I know he is suffering in hell at this very moment. He bought the lie that success in this world matters – he had been deceived. And in the end when Satan comes to collect he is laughing at you for being so foolish and you spend eternity being tormented.

As information continues to surface on the shooter in Las Vegas I can’t help but see a similarity between Hugh and he. I read an article that the man was a multimillionaire – he had several houses, lived to gamble, and didn’t want for money. So somewhere along the way of trying to attain that which is suppose to make us happy he realized that no amount of money or freedom  can fill that void. Perhaps he felt anger at the world that lied to him, or frustration from a satisfaction that eluded him, and his final act of horrendous violence was his way of seeking something carnal to satisfy that ache inside. We may never know why he did what he did, but none the less, he too was deceived and has found himself in hell I am sure.

Can Jesus Christ save Hugh Hefner and the Stephen Paddocks of the world. Absolutely – Gods grace is bigger than any man’s sin. In fact Jesus Christ is the only way to defeat the Hugh Hefners and Stephen Paddocks of the world, because he eliminates the evil of a man’s heart. He cleanses his heart of those desires to harm other humans by sinful acts, filling the void with immeasurable love for humanity. Hugh Hefner viewed the world very humanisticly, he did not believe of a Biblical God, but he believed in a creator God. His actions dictated that he served no god other than his own greed and lust. Stephen Paddock showed he did not value human life, and thus, did not value God. 

Sanctity of life is the core issue here. To believe that we all came from monkeys and are just a link in the nature chain dictates a rather cold truth – the law of the jungle takes effect. People lose their sacredness – they become just developed animals – and it becomes a strong eat the weak scenario. There can be no condemnation then when a more powerful people conquers a weaker group. In fact in Darwins theory, this would be only the natural consequence of our development- the strong surviving while the weak lay dying. In a weird and sick sense, this would then be celebrated as a success for humanity. There in lies the problem of man being his own God, because where is man to develop a moral code from? Himself? Man left to himself is prone to greed, sexual immorality, violence, lying, and hatred for others who conflict with his wants or desires. Caring for others contradicts natural man’s born disposition to abide by that law of the jungle and survival. Our moral law must be attained from someone higher, perfect and unflawed, Gods way is better than man’s way. 

Each life is sacred to God, and through his Word, we see that it is to be treasured. 

The Bible says God is Love. People who think they can have love outside of God are only fooling themselves. God is the well we must draw from to fill ourselves with love to give. It is this simple, a godless world equals a loveless world. We have slowly but surely extracted God from our world. People no longer pray over their food and we see sickness and disease taking over our bodies. We removed him from our homes and the divorce rate exploded. We told him to leave our schools and now shootings, violence, and all manner of wickedness runs freely amongst the schools halls. We removed him from government and made laws without consulting him that no longer protect sanctity of life but promote victimization of the weak and helpless. 

So where is this world headed without God? If Hugh Hefner or Stephen Paddock could have just 30 seconds and a microphone this morning they would tell you – HELL IS REAL.

The answer isn’t banning firearms or burning playboy magazines – it is in man repenting and having his sinful heart filled with the perfect love only God can give. That is the answer humanity is seeking ever so desperately. It was a gift that God gave us 2000 years ago in his Son Jesus Christ. The true Gospel message is one of discipleship that leads into loving our brothers and sisters so deeply we would lay down our own lives in order to protect theirs, never senselessly killing another image bearer of God. If you truly want to see the world heal – share the message of salvation.

 I can only imagine what the world would have been like if Hugh or Stephen had given their lives to the Lord 20 years ago. There would be far less sadness in the world today. 

16 thoughts on “Hugh Hefner, Stephen Paddock & Me

    1. I personally carry a .38 in my purse. I sleep with it under my pillow. I have a .240 for deer hunting. A .410 for squirrel hunting and a .22 for dispatching farm animals. I’ve used a gun, I’m a responsible gun owner, an evil person will find a way to hurt others. Cain slew Abel with a rock.

  1. This world can never fill an emptiness in our soul that only the salvation of Christ and His Spirit can give us. This love and comfort crosses beyond all understanding, and starts in our heart but branches to all parts of our being, like the branch we are meant to become to the body of Christ.

    1. And someone who is filled with the Holy Spirit is not going to go around committing gross sin against God willingly and joyfully. He is the solution to all humanities issues! Praise God!

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the shooting and Hefner. I was watching the bible projects video on the book of Isaiah this morning. Not much has changed in peoples hearts since the old testament days- Still wandering away and doing our own thing, God is calling us back, we say hello and walk off again, God uses people to draw us back and so on.

    God is good and will continue to call us to himself. That much we can count on

    1. The Bible says there’s nothing new under the sun and that he is faithful to finish the good work started in you…so yes and yesss!!!!

  3. Two totally rotten men who lived out their life as a total waste. All Heftner did was take. He did not give or add one iota to this world. And that’s how it is with the power of darkness that rules this world. ON one hand they paint a picture as if all were great because of them and on the other the reality sets in and the ruin they bring bares its ugly head. What a shame. God grants us the choice where so much good could be done and then look what is chosen. As a people we often choose that which is selfish and self glorify. Thank God for the healing power of Jesus. Thank you for your post, as always.

    1. He says today I set before you life or death – they both had the choice – they chose to reject life. It’s sad to see anyone die lost.

  4. The shooting in Las Vegas led to a conversation with one of my hospice patients yesterday. He said the root behind it is the devil who has been out to destroy life from the beginning. We didn’t talk about Hugh Hefner, but I was reminded of this conversation as I read your statement about this being about the sanctity of human life. I do see a common thread of the enemy who steals, kills, and destroys. Pornography and murder lead to death or wounds in different ways.

    1. Sin leads to death…as the end times come you see an acceleration in its destruction. God said he would give us up to our wicked ways…Jesus Christ is the ONLY ANSWER for this world!

  5. I wonder how some people will take the comparison of Hefner with Paddock. Not many will see what Hefner did as just as vile as what Paddock did. Yet it was probably worse. For decades Hefner sought to corrupt people. Paddock just wanted to kill.

    1. They were more alike than one may think. Both tried very hard to satisfy the God shaped hole in their hearts with carnal conquests. Hefners was sex, Paddocks was money. Both realized the second they died they had made a mistake. They missed the point of life, to me they are an example, of many lessons for all people.

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