Pastor Appreciation Month

This month we celebrate the Pastors that so boldly protect our families from the pulpits across this great nation. Being a Pastor is a very special calling from God. Pastors protect Gods children through the teaching and preaching of Gods Word as well as covering their parishioners and communities in prayer. Pastor Appreciation day was October 8th this year, our church will be presenting our Pastor gifts on Sunday as a congregation in reverence and celebration for Pastor Appreciation Month. I painted the Pastor and his wife a watercolor of our church. I hope he likes it.

If you haven’t taken a moment to show your Pastor appreciation this month, take a moment to tell him his work in the Kingdom is appreciated. It blesses their hearts and encourages them!

11 thoughts on “Pastor Appreciation Month

  1. It’s beautiful! I think he will like it. 🙂 Always grateful for my home church pastor. A lot of pastors would have quieted a 13 year old girl discussing scripture, but he encouraged it, and God used him as a mighty shepherd for me growing up.

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