Intimacy With Christ : Heart To Heart 

Much of the walk we do with the Lord is in secret. I always thought this made it extremely special, as if the Lord of the entire universe cherished his intimacy with me so much so he wanted our communion to be only shared between us. We are instructed to have a prayer closet and pray in secret, to fast in secret, and to even pray in a language that is only between your spirit and God…this makes for a more intimate connection.

This is not God communing with his people…this is God communing with you.

I often imagine it in my mind like two best friends walking down a beautiful country road somewhere, hand in hand, sharing a conversation about all the complexities of life and laughing about all the joy just being alive can bring. He and I enjoying the sunshine together, feeling the breeze together, and just enjoying each other’s company on a one and one level. The time we spend walking with the Lord is just for us to treasure – making it extremely intimate.

Because we aren’t doing it for others to see or commend us for, we are walking with him for only one reason, we love him and enjoy his company.

The hard part comes when you have a praise report yet you know it is something you are not to share. There are miracles I have experienced that remain between the Lord and I. In the Bible, Jesus would heal people and tell them that they should go and tell no one. I have had certain situations in my own life that I know undoubtedly Gods presence was there and in total control. Yet these things are kept hidden, again our intimate connection just between He and I. There are many things God has laid it on my heart to share with others, to encourage them perhaps or to show God’s glory to others, yet there are some experiences he has told me to keep between he and I.

I have a certain place of prayer that the Lord lead me too, and I will say it is beautiful. But I was instructed that there were never to be any electronic devices to ever enter it. AKA I wasn’t to take pictures of our special place and share it with the world. He loves to be one on one with us, in intimacy. In a day and age where sharing everything seems normal…the intimacy of Christ feels ever so refreshing…sacred even.

When we do good deeds we are instructed to do them in secret, knowing our Father has seen us, and not hoping that man has. We are to avoid the praises of man and the pride that it implants in our human heart We are to serve only one God, and pride separates us and becomes our own earthly idol. We are to do that which pleases the Father, not ourselves. Our rewards are in heaven not in a pat on the back or an attaboy. Why? Because that is the intimacy of Christ. You and he are on an earthly mission to spread love, charity and the Gospel in action to give God the glory of your life…not to receive glory from man. You can almost imagine Jesus smiling with his finger over his mouth making the Shhhhhh expression when you obediently bless someone else in Jesus name. He wants us to let it be a beautiful secret between you and him.

I hunger for the Lord. I thirst for the Lord. He is all I need, all I want, all I truly have in this world. I cherish my relationship with my Messiah. His beautiful presence energizes me, soothes me, comforts me like a baby held in her fathers strong and caring arms. Being with him is all that I look forward to. I am in love with him! Forever I will serve only the one true Savior my Lord Jesus Christ!!!!

Mathew 6:4 “That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly. “

Matthew 6:6 “But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly. “

Matthew 6:18 “That thou appear not unto men to fast, but unto thy Father which is in secret: and thy Father, which seeth in secret, shall reward thee openly. “

About praying  in the Spirit…

When we pray in the Spirit, our hearts speak directly to God in a way our own minds may not understand- that is ok. Our spirit understands and God understands all. Praying in the Spirit when you are alone is your heart speaking to God. Speaking in tongues at church is God speaking to someone in that church who speaks a different language. This must be interpreted and also should be useful to the church. I believe in all gifts of the Spirit but I also believe they will be executed Biblically.  Praying in the Spirit is something I have done since I was a small child – before I ever knew what it was or had ever seen it done. I would stand on the top of a hill in my grandmas back yard, lift my hands to the wind and pray in the Spirit. 

“For anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to people but to God. Indeed, no one understands them; they utter mysteries by the Spirit.” – 1 Corinthians‬ ‭14:2‬ ‭

We can do both. I pray in the Spirit and I also pray in English. 

“For anyone who speaks in a tongue does not speak to people but to God. Indeed, no one understands them; they utter mysteries by the Spirit. For if I pray in a tongue, my spirit prays, but my mind is unfruitful. So what shall I do? I will pray with my spirit, but I will also pray with my understanding; I will sing with my spirit, but I will also sing with my understanding.” 1 Corinthians‬ ‭14:2, 14-15‬ ‭

12 thoughts on “Intimacy With Christ : Heart To Heart 

    1. The greatest barrier between us and God is pride. Pride in what? You and I couldn’t even take a breath without Gods will – we couldn’t take a step…we have nothing to be prideful about. It’s humbling to realize that outside of God – we are nothing. We are literally dead…not only physically but spiritually…dead. When you start wrapping your mind around how dependent you are on Him for evvveerything…your privy to boast becomes less and less.

      Your provisions (money, home, resources INCLUDING TIME) all created by God…you may temporarily possess it for a moment…but HE created it, how silly are we, being prideful about anything.

      Anything that we are…is by his doing and grace.

  1. This intimate fellowship is powerful. Lord Jesus often separated Himself from others so as to be with the Father. I sometimes imagine what depth of intimacy and manifestation of the Father He experienced in His secret place.

    The result is telling however, since extra amazing things happened when He had such intimate times. For example, He walks on water after such an occasion. An angel appears and strengthens Him on another occasion and He finally overcomes the strongest agony of His earthly life…the agony of going to the cross.

    May we draw closer to experience the kind of enamor Lord Jesus experienced with the Father. Amen.

    Lots of Love to you Tamara.

    1. I have heard it described as such “what you discuss with God in secret will eventually be seen by men” – meaning that the blessings and the power that come on us from a true intimacy & a powerful prayer life in private…the fruits that manifest from such…men will see and this is when we point others to Jesus…to show them the power and grace of our God ☝️✝️❤️🙏🏻

    1. Praise God! I think when you get truly plugged into his amazing love it is hard to be away from it for even a day…you miss it’s rejuvenating qualities…bad.

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