The Chicago Statement on Biblical Application (1986)

This last conference, Summit III (December 10-13, 1986), drafted the Chicago Statement on Biblical Application. With this statement the proposed scholarly work of ICBI has been completed, for the doctrine of inerrancy has thus been defined, interpreted, and applied by many of the leading evangelical scholars of our day.

Hiding From The World

The world is full of secular garbage anymore. Deception is everywhere. Confusion is at an all time high. Everyone's got an opinion, decisions are made on feelings rather than facts and there are no shortages of know-it-all with soapboxes. I am constantly feeling myself being drawn farther and farther away from the toxicity of the … Continue reading Hiding From The World

Sacred Simplicity : Jesus Christ

On Tuesdays I take Christian Ethics, Christian Apologetics, Theology II, and Sermon Prep. Today we covered the difference between theologians and philosophers of the rationalist tradition and those of the existentialist tradition. Robespierre and the ideology of the Terror and Heidegger and angst. Christian Ethics is actually one of my favorite courses and I have … Continue reading Sacred Simplicity : Jesus Christ

Witnessing Made Easy

Over and over in scripture we are reminded of our life's frailty. We are but a vapor. Here today and gone tomorrow. The Bible says that a thousand years is as a day to the Lord mathematically that makes an 80 year life equivalent to about 2 hours to God. 80 years of worrying about … Continue reading Witnessing Made Easy

Positive Loving Goodness Watering My Soul

Sometimes I find myself getting sucked into the deeper issues of Christianity and I come through it feeling like I just walked through a pit of knee deep wet concrete and it's slowly starting to harden. It's heavy, it weighs me down, and it's full of a burdening negativity. There are so many whys, what … Continue reading Positive Loving Goodness Watering My Soul

Being Dirt : True Humility 

It was Pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.- St. Augustine What is pride? Is it a character trait, a personality flaw or something more? Well the Bible says it's a sin, but why? Because it separates us from God with the same notion that Lucifer got cast … Continue reading Being Dirt : True Humility 

Intimacy With Christ : Heart To Heart 

Much of the walk we do with the Lord is in secret. I always thought this made it extremely special, as if the Lord of the entire universe cherished his intimacy with me so much so he wanted our communion to be only shared between us. We are instructed to have a prayer closet and … Continue reading Intimacy With Christ : Heart To Heart 

Soup Beans & Sunshine

I have been extra busy doing the whole fall gardening chores. Lots and lots of tomatoes still coming in and I have been literally giving away basketfuls. The prolific squash season is still producing and that too has been over abundant and a blessing to a few different families. Crookneck, summer, butternut, acorn, spaghetti, zucchini, … Continue reading Soup Beans & Sunshine

Be A Mordecai Ham : Everyday Ministry Matters

You may never have heard of Mordecai Ham but without him you would have never heard of Billy Graham. Billy Graham has preached the gospel to some 2+ billion people in his lifetime, but it never would have happened had not Mordecai Ham lead him to the Lord one night in a revival in Charlotte, … Continue reading Be A Mordecai Ham : Everyday Ministry Matters