Witnessing Made Easy

Over and over in scripture we are reminded of our life’s frailty. We are but a vapor. Here today and gone tomorrow. The Bible says that a thousand years is as a day to the Lord mathematically that makes an 80 year life equivalent to about 2 hours to God. 80 years of worrying about bills, problems and life’s curve balls in the grande scheme of eternity is equivalent to almost nothing. When put in proper perspective, our lives are as a vanishing vapor, here for a temporary moment then vanishing as quickly as we appeared.

I heard an excellent analogy to what life is like for people and I want to share it with you. I’m sure you have heard of life being like a puzzle before. This is ever so true, we often feel like we are trying to put all the pieces in place, sometimes succeeding in knocking out a large portion only to get stumped by one piece that seems to elude us. But what do we need to put the puzzle together? We need the picture on box! Without the box lid we have no clue where any of the pieces go, we don’t even know what big picture we are putting together. For the believer life is the puzzle and God’s Word is the picture on the box. It shows us how to piece it all together to create a life of beauty and of purpose!

You and I as believers have such a wonderful gift from the Lord in the fact that we do have the peace and comfort that comes through faith and salvation in Jesus Christ. Like the aforementioned puzzle, that’s like securing the entire border, and if you have ever put together a jigsaw puzzle you know that’s a fundamental process in successful completion! Once you get that down the other pieces just seem to make more sense and fall into place easier. But you always have that big picture o look at when you get stumped and don’t even know what you are looking for to move forward.

This is the beauty of sharing the Lord with others. Is there anything more profitable to their personal happiness than the knowledge of Jesus Christ’s saving grace! As a woman if I find a product I love, I can’t wait to turn others onto it. Coconut oil as a facial cream is a good example. Whenever someone says wow I can’t believe your 41 I always point them to the fact I religiously use coconut oil on my face before bed. That’s what we are to do for others when they wonder where we draw our peace and happiness from! Point them to the ONLY true source of love, joy, peace, happiness – faith in Jesus Christ!

Some say how do you witness to others? Well just like anything else actions always speak louder than words. Being loving and kind and going the extra mile to show them the love that you have freely received is a great way to witness. Let your actions point towards Jesus Christ and let your good works bring God the Glory. People respond to genuine acts of loving kindness. This is not works to bring praise to yourself – this is allowing the Holy Spirit to work in you and use your life to minister to those around you…not so others will say how great you are…but how great your God is when you point towards him when asked where you get your hope from!

Christians should be the happiest people on earth! We have received Gods Grace and we have been filled with The Holy Spirit – we ought to radiate love. Let our actions line up with our words, as we bring this message to the world. How many people do you know who are confused? Depressed or Suffering? How many people do you know that are angry or critical? How many people are searching through a million piece jigsaw puzzle with no box lid to look at? Help them by doing the eternal work of God. Do something that will not only matter in a million years, but will instantly change this persons quality of life – tell them about Jesus!

Sometimes sharing our faith can feel uncomfortable because we are afraid we may mess up the moment, and the last thing we ever want to do is turn anyone away from Christ. I urge you to add a special little part to your prayers that goes something like “Lord provide me with the courage and the opportunity to share the Gospel today with someone who needs to hear it”. The Lord will send you people in your everyday life and he will give you the right words to speak to them. He will open up opportunities for you if you will yield to his will. It gets easier especially when you leave the heavy lifting to him – he will line up the opportunities just be listening to his instructions.

When you get to heaven do you not want to be surrounded by those you lead to the Lord? I thought last night about this blog for instance, if I wrote a blog post every single day for a hundred years, and I get to heaven and a man walks up to me and says I decided to give my life to the Lord because I found him through your blog post…then it would all be worth it. In Gods eyes your life on earth is so temporary…just a couple hours…make them count! Bring as many people to heaven with you as you can!

17 thoughts on “Witnessing Made Easy

  1. Loved this πŸ™‚

    I really don’t like it when people witness for the sake of witnessing, if that makes sense. People do it because they’re “suppose” to or to be seen by others. So many have lost the true passion of Christ, I feel, and those being witnessed to feel that, so it’s unrelatable. If Christ is truly part of our life, then He will naturally come out of our mouth. Maybe not perfectly, but if He touches our life, how can we not talk about Him?

    That’s what He’s shown me. Many times it was only after I talked about Chris to someone did I realize that was a witnessing moment. I can’t hide Christ because if I’m ashamed of Him, He’ll be ashamed of me.

    I really like your addition of how to pray when we aren’t sure about how to witness. Thank you πŸ™‚

    1. In the world there are so many suffering people. They are trying seven ways to Sunday to stop suffering. Self-help, therapy, support groups, and what they need is Jesus. They need Jesus, their kids need Jesus. I love leading them to the Lord, not for any glory of my own, but knowing that at that moment they are signing up for the answer to their suffering. Being at enmity with God is oppressive, being reconciled through Christ is freeing!

      1. Very true. I’m not saying you in particular. I do believe you are witnessing for the right reasons. But I’ve seen a lot of emptiness from other believers, and I know that hurts leading others because it isn’t being an example of Christ. That’s what this world needs. Believers to be Christlike and knowing Jesus πŸ™‚

      2. If it were obvious, they would have no followers. The reality that some can be deceived stands testimony to the fact that not all can see past or through deception.

  2. I am an avid puzzle doer. I like the analogy about seeing the picture on the box. It inspires me to share Jesus with people. He is a great picture to look at. I could do like a 10,000 piece of Him.

    1. Awesome that you “get it” then. Gotta have that lid, or it gets tough figuring it out. My grandma used to buy us puzzles at yard sales and then you could only pray all the pieces were there…they usually were ❀️

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