Ghethsemane Is Not A Place, It’s A Thing

Ghethsemane is an olive press, not a garden or actual geographical location. It's true meaning unlocks so many truths about what our Savior went through that it is a story that must be retold until it's true biblical meaning replaces the one we have accepted for years. That there is a Garden of Ghethsemane somewhere … Continue reading Ghethsemane Is Not A Place, It’s A Thing

Building Temples : Who Do You Worship?

Recently in school we were taken on a video trip through some of the ancient ruins of temples that were used to worship Baal, Athena & Apollo. These structures were massive and their construction was extremely labor intensive. I believe the tour guide said that some of the 6 story columns used in Apollo's temple … Continue reading Building Temples : Who Do You Worship?

God’s Perfect Provision

God created the stars he used to illustrate his blessing upon Abraham and his descendants, long before he created Abraham. He created the Land of Egypt from which he freed his people, the wilderness in which they wandered, and the Promised Land they finally claimed. He created the Red Sea and Mount Sinai long before … Continue reading God’s Perfect Provision

Mental Health & The Faith Community Free Resources

Many of the people we serve in Christ either personally suffer from mental illness or are caring for someone suffering from mental illness. Statistics say 1 in 4 of our congregation falls into this category. And statistics also prove we may be the first person they seek help from. There are many free resources available … Continue reading Mental Health & The Faith Community Free Resources

The Most Powerful Ministry of All – Intercession

Many people feel called to the ministry because they have a deep desire to change the world for Gods Glory. Many feel so thankful after receiving salvation and being set free from sin they feel driven to share this beautiful life changing experience with others. Ministry takes many forms and each is important, yet one … Continue reading The Most Powerful Ministry of All – Intercession

Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

Focus. It is EVERYTHING. Focus leads to balance. Don’t trust me? Try walking on a balance beam, if your focus stays straight ahead you remain balanced and it’s easy going. Look down, focus on the ground or your feet and each step becomes awkward and unbalanced. Stay focused on Jesus, don’t look down, stare straight … Continue reading Keep The Main Thing The Main Thing

God The Creator : Artist of All Creation

​​ As an artist, perhaps it’s easier for me to believe in a Sovereign God. He has gifted me with the ability to see things in my mind and draw them out onto paper, wood, walls. The world, the universe, even the laws of physics had to have a creator. Someone who drafted them out, … Continue reading God The Creator : Artist of All Creation

Pastor Appreciation Month

This month we celebrate the Pastors that so boldly protect our families from the pulpits across this great nation. Being a Pastor is a very special calling from God. Pastors protect Gods children through the teaching and preaching of Gods Word as well as covering their parishioners and communities in prayer. Pastor Appreciation day was … Continue reading Pastor Appreciation Month