The Chicago Statement On Biblical Hermeneutics (1982)

Summit I of the International Council on Biblical Inerrancy took place in Chicago on October 26-28, 1978 for the purpose of affirming afresh the doctrine of the inerrancy of Scripture, making clear the understanding of it and warning against its denial. In the seven years since Summit I, God has blessed that effort in ways … Continue reading The Chicago Statement On Biblical Hermeneutics (1982)

A Reproducible Walk With The Lord

Actions speak louder than words. Is that not one of the truest statements ever made, or what? In our Christian walk it applies perhaps even with greater brevity. Everyday you wake up and go out into the world to be the light of Jesus Christ to a lost and suffering world. The devil wants you … Continue reading A Reproducible Walk With The Lord

The Parable Of The Sower : How to Witness Succesfully & Get More People To Christ

This morning over coffee I read in Mathew The Parable of The Sower. (Mathew 13:3-9) According to this parable 75% of the people presented with the Gospel will eventually lose the ability to see it through to fruition. I don't know about you but I am definitely thankful to be in the other 25%. Hearing … Continue reading The Parable Of The Sower : How to Witness Succesfully & Get More People To Christ

Hugh Hefner, Stephen Paddock & Me

Hugh Hefner passed away recently. I remember feeling a sense of terrible sadness for him. I couldn't stand the life he lived, or the abuse it condoned upon women, but I felt a sense of sadness for his soul. I know that if Hugh did not repent before passing he is now in hell. He … Continue reading Hugh Hefner, Stephen Paddock & Me

Opinion Piece : As A Christian I Do NOT Want The Bible Taught In Public Schools

Idealistically having an hour everyday to read the Bible and study Gods Word sounds great. What better way for your child to spend one of his or her classes learning about Christianity and developing their faith, sounds great right! Sandwiched in between a secular biology class and say art history, your child could have an … Continue reading Opinion Piece : As A Christian I Do NOT Want The Bible Taught In Public Schools

Sacred Simplicity : Jesus Christ

On Tuesdays I take Christian Ethics, Christian Apologetics, Theology II, and Sermon Prep. Today we covered the difference between theologians and philosophers of the rationalist tradition and those of the existentialist tradition. Robespierre and the ideology of the Terror and Heidegger and angst. Christian Ethics is actually one of my favorite courses and I have … Continue reading Sacred Simplicity : Jesus Christ

No Greater Love…

If you are working with wood, building fine furniture, you reach for the measuring tape. Then you apply the golden rule of "measure twice, cut once". If you want to know how hot it is, you need only look to a thermometer, and instantly you know the degrees. It's important to have an accurate temperature … Continue reading No Greater Love…

Witnessing Made Easy

Over and over in scripture we are reminded of our life's frailty. We are but a vapor. Here today and gone tomorrow. The Bible says that a thousand years is as a day to the Lord mathematically that makes an 80 year life equivalent to about 2 hours to God. 80 years of worrying about … Continue reading Witnessing Made Easy

Positive Loving Goodness Watering My Soul

Sometimes I find myself getting sucked into the deeper issues of Christianity and I come through it feeling like I just walked through a pit of knee deep wet concrete and it's slowly starting to harden. It's heavy, it weighs me down, and it's full of a burdening negativity. There are so many whys, what … Continue reading Positive Loving Goodness Watering My Soul

Being Dirt : True Humility 

It was Pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels.- St. Augustine What is pride? Is it a character trait, a personality flaw or something more? Well the Bible says it's a sin, but why? Because it separates us from God with the same notion that Lucifer got cast … Continue reading Being Dirt : True Humility